We incurred many debts while preparing this volume. The McCormick Foundation generously supported our original research into ethical dilemmas among media professionals; many of the cases and the questions surrounding them emerged from this research. Ralph Potter encouraged our adaptation of his social ethics model. Paul Christians wrote Cases 3, 8, 9, 15, and 19, and updated others; his research was invaluable. Conversations with Professor Sun Youzhong while he was translating the ninth edition into Chinese were helpful in preparing this edition. Taran Gilreath gathered information for many of the advertising cases. In Part 4, Kevin Schut contributed case 64, Sam Smartt wrote case 70, Peggy Goetz did case 73, John Carpenter wrote case 74, and Ted Fackler case 78. Additional thanks to Joel Worsham for designing and developing the companion website for instructors and students that supports this volume (www.www.mediaethicsbook.com). Joe Rinehart, Department Chair, Director of Broadcasting and Assistant Professor of Communication, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, was instrumental in helping to prepare instructional content for the companion website. Divine Agodzo, Kayla Williamson (Spring Arbor University) and Jessica Wells (Mount Vernon Nazarene University) provided much-needed support in creating and editing companion website content.

Each contributor shares in everything positive this book may contribute to media ethics scholarship.  The authors are grateful. We absolve these friends of all responsibility for the weaknesses that remain.