A non-profit organization that promotes a healthy body image for women. This website also provides advertisements that are socially responsible, and others that may be offensive. This resource aims to shed light on advertising in the media.

Advertising Educational Foundation
Essay written by an advertising expert that is published by an academic journal.

American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)
The national trade association of advertising.

Books on Advertising Ethics
This is a list of books that focus on Advertising ethics.

Books on Ethics
This is a list of Books on Ethics in Advertising.

Catholic Church’s View
This is an article on ethics in advertising by the Ponticial Council of Social Communication.

Don’t Blindly Trust the Gatekeeper
A column hosted on CBS News online, but written by a student at Vanderbilt University and posted via UWire warns against blindly trusting the media gatekeepers in today’s society.

Ethics in Advertising
This is a journal article about ethics in Advertising.

Ethics in Advertising: A Speech
Text version of a talk written up for use by teachers of advertising methods, hosted by the Advertising Educational Foundation; the speech covers how advertisers are trained to think about ethics in their profession.

How is Advertizing Influenced By Ethics?
CNN World Business interviews a representative from advertising company JWT, discussing the ethical issues companies contend with when advertising.

The Downside of User Generated Content
Article from Bloomberg Businessweek covering the gap between content created by people rather than businesses and what those businesses want to have portrayed in that content, trying to find the line between control over content and freedom to allow content to be created.