An Analysis of South Park: Uncensored
NPR’s look at South Park, taking into account the recent censoring of the 200th episode, and covering both the censorship itself and the aftermath and attitude of the network and creators in the time following.

Animals for Entertainment
The BBC reports on an ethics guides for treatment of animals in entertainment.

Children’s Internet Protection Act

History and background of the controversial act.

Common Sense Media
An advocacy organization dedicated to helping parents navigate the media world by providing detailed ratings on movies, web sites, video games, books, and music.

Entertainment Law Ethics
This is an article written by the University of Akron Law school about ethics in entertainment law.

Hollywood Censored: The Production Code

A history of the controversial production code.

Motion Picture Association of America
An advocacy association for films. This website features resources on film ratings, content protection, policy, research, and news in the industry. Also has a web page for parents to look up film ratings and protect their children from inappropriate content.

Reality TV
This is a look at ethics in reality TV.