Fox News
The official website of Fox News.

History of Fox News
A thorough history from The Center for Media and Democracy’s Sourcewatch on the Fox News Channel and their news coverage.

Rupert Murdoch’s Biography
A biography of the Fox News/News Corp owner.

Media Matters – FNC tag
The media watchdog website’s coverage on anything relating to Fox News Channel

5 Facts about FNC
A 2014 Pew Research blog by Jesse Holcomb shares results about the cable news channel.

The Rise of the Daily Me
Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein writes for the Financial Times in 2008, sharing his concern that life on the Internet is unhealthy for a democratic society. This theory is referenced in Case 1.

Riders on the Storm
New York Times columnist David Brooks responds to Sunstein’s theory in this 2010 opinion piece.


Official web site for Robert Greenwald’s documentary film that criticizes Fox News and Rupert Murdoch.  Includes link to the full film.

The Most Biased Name in News
This 2001 article from Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting takes FNC to task on its claim that they do not lean to the right politically.

Dumb Like a Fox
Terry McDermott’s 2010 Columbia Journalism Review article criticizing FNC’s strategy of producing cable news.

Producer Reveals the Politics of Fox
A former FNC producer talks to the Poynter Institute in 2003 about staff memos that he believes are sent out to try to assert political influence over employees.

Fox’s Volley with Obama Intensifying
A summary of the discussion in Case 1 about the FNC’s October 2009 back-and-forth with President Obama’s administration on the Affordable Care Act.

Mike Huckabee: women don’t need Uncle Sugar
CNN report on Gov. Mike Huckabee’s comments concerning American women and the Affordable Care Act (video).


Fox News Channel ratings top all cable networks
Fox News makes history in basic cable ratings.  Article from March, 2016.

Murdoch: Fox News Does Not Favor Bush
This 2004 article from The Guardian 2004 reports how Murdoch believes Fox News is fair in its coverage of President Bush.

Murdoch to Critics: Attacks on Fox News are Good for Ratings
A 2010 article from the Media Research Center about how Murdoch believes people are turning to Fox News for balanced news coverage and that the critics help his network ratings.

10 Questions For Rupert Murdoch
A 2006 Time interview with the Fox News owner.

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State of the news media – 2016
A group of fact sheets about elements of the news media in June, 2016 from Pew Research.

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist
A 2005 article about the media bias of major news outlets.

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Official site of this media watchdog group, also referred to as FAIR, in existence since 1986.

Media Matters For America
Learn more about another U.S. media research and information center, or watchdog group.

The Media Research Center
Official website of the watchdog group, also referred to as MRC, focused on documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias, founded by Brent Bozell.


Book review of Michael Wolff’s book on Murdoch
David Carr of the New York Times reviews The Man Who Owns the News, written in 2008.

Who Owns What
Columbia Journalism Review’s list of what media companies own—use the pulldown to find a media company.

How Liberal is CBS Really?
A Media Matters analysis of CBS News’ coverage from November of 2004 to February 2005.

The Fox News Architect
The New York Times reports on Roger Ailes, the President of Fox, who is credited with growing Fox News (video).