Chiquita Secrets Revealed provides the May 3, 1998 original Chiquita story in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Environmental Group Loosens Pesticide Standards provides this original Enquirer May 1998 article and its findings.

An Apology to Chiquita
The June 28, 1998 apology from the Cincinnati Enquirer to Chiquita.

Lawsuit Details Revealed Enquirer Paid Chiquita $14 Million in Settlement
Cincinnati Enquirer article in 2001 on the release of the settlement terms awarded to Chiquita.

George and His Jungle
A look at lawyer George Ventura and the Chiquita scandal.

Chiquita Informant Targeted?
News from the case against the informant, George Ventura.

Ventura vs. The Cincinnati Enquirer
A legal document in released January 2005 about the suit by lawyer Ventura against the newspaper.


The Chiquita Aftermath
A look at the consequences of the Chiquita scandal from the May 1999 American Journalism Review.

Bitter Fruit
This September 1998 American Journalism Review article analyzes how the Chiquita investigation went wrong.

Chiquita Accepts Apology, $10M from Enquirer
The Associated Press reports on Chiquita’s response in this June 29, 1998 article.

Gannett Pays $550K To Settle Ex-Cincy Enquirer Editor’s Suit
Further developments with the Chiquita case concerning the editor, Lawrence Beaupre, who said Gannett made him a scapegoat.

The Chiquita Phone-Hacking Scandal
The New Yorker’s Lynn Oberlander suggests in this July 2011 piece that the Chiquita reporting scandal may have scared would-be hackers away from similar newsgathering techniques.

Journalist Turncoat
David Noack wrote this piece in a 1999 edition of Editor  & Publisher about Mike Gallagher turning on his editor.  Excerpt provided by


Chiquita Lesson: Libel Isn’t Weapon of Choice
An examination of the First Amendment right of journalists to report on a story.

Rotten Banana excerpt provides an abstract of a 1998 article from Bruce Shapiro that argues the public is forgetting who the real villain is.

Terrorism and Bananas in Colombia
A 2007 report from Time magazine about the relationship between Chiquita, the U.S., and Colombian paramilitary groups.

Revisiting the Cincinnati Enquirer vs. Chiquita
This July 2013 article from the North American Congress on Latin America reviews the 1998 case in the shadow of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. It debates the alleged violation of ethics vs. the public good.

The Chiquita Banana Story
Democracy Now weighs in on the controversy in this July 1998 program.  Contains show transcript and link to the full show.

Related Topics

Saved by the Shield
Gallagher’s colleague, Cameron McWhirter, reflects on the Chiquita case 10 years later.

When Disaster Strikes
Discusses what organizations should do when responding to integrity crises.

Codes of Ethics: Why Writing One Is Not Enough
This Poynter 2002 article discusses the value of ethics codes and how they should be applied.

Chiquita Terror Scandal
Chiquita, the international fruit corporation, admitted to funding a Colombian terrorist group.

Dan Sez
NPR’s Daniel Schorr shares a look at how the law provides for cases where the reporter uses illicit means to gain information useful to the public good. Link to audio from All Things Considered is available.


A Sharp Saw for Making Sound Decisions
Poynter’s Bob Steele wrote this 2002 article about using craftsmanship and quality in journalism.

A Punishment Too Harsh?
A stiff suspension without pay would have been the way to go in the case of fired Miami Herald columnist Jim DeFede.

The Politics of Bananas
About a criminal probe targeting the payments made by Chiquita to a paramilitary organization in Colombia.

All The President’s Men
Trailer for the movie about the Washington Post reporters who broke the Watergate story. Examines some of the ethical considerations of reporters and sources (video).

The Insider
Trailer for the movie and story somewhat similar to the Chiquita case. Examines what happens when a source inside a company decides to reveal the corrupt practices of the organization (video).