Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The latest news on Israel’s foreign policy issues, including the Arab-Israeli conflict. Contains several categories, including Iran, peace and terrorism.

Primer on Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
A summary of the Arab-Israeli conflict from the Washington D.C.-based Middle East Research and Information Project, established in 1971.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle-East Reporting In America
Another web clearinghouse for examining fairness and accuracy in Middle-East reporting, founded in 1982.

Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance
This April 2010 New York Times article describes a new Palestinian approach to the peace process.

The 1993 Oslo Accords
The U.S. State Department’s Office of the Historian summarizes the Oslo Accords of 1993 and the Arab-Israeli peace process.

The 2003 Road Map to Peace
This is the full text of the roadmap plan from BBC News, posted in April 2003.

The Road Map to Peace
This is a 2003 examination of the U.S.-sponsored roadmap from Simon Jeffrey of The Guardian.


NPR’s Middle East problem
Jeffrey Dvorkin, ombudsman at National Public Radio, summarizes the criticism the organization was facing in 2002.

Readers Boycott “Biased” LA Times
An April 2002 report on the boycott of the Los Angeles Times because of its supposed anti-Israel bias.

Media Critics Use Web to Vent Anger at Middle East Coverage
A look in June 2002 from Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald at how critics are using the web to protest against the biased coverage of the Middle East conflict.

Asper’s Charges of Media Bias Bizarre
The Toronto Globe and Mail reports on Canadian reaction to Winnipeg media owner Izzy Asper’s speech in October 2002 implying that the world’s media don’t support Israel.

The home page of a website focused on defending Israel from media bias.


FAIR – Middle East
Articles from the Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting website on topics concerning the region.

Borderless Journalism in Gaza
This 2009 Columbia Journalism Review article suggests that it is possible to report fairly on news issues in the Middle East.

Does The Path To Middle East Peace Stop in Doha?
A Columbia Journalism Review 2010 look at Al Jazeera’s influence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kiwis for Balanced Reporting
New Zealand media have their own website hoping for balanced reporting in the Middle East.

Society of Professional Journalists Position Papers
The SPJ Ethics Committee offers several topics to help clarify their position on ethical themes arising frequently in journalism.

Related Topics

What is an intifada?
The UK’s Telegraph Media Group and reporter Damien McElroy explain just what that term means.

The Mideast: A Century of Conflict
A seven-part examination from NPR on the roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Contains audio links and transcripts of each episode.

A Matter of Trust
This 2009 article by J.J. Goldberg in the Columbia Journalism Review shares one story from Gaza and what it says about the coverage of Israel.

Reporting Human Rights Issues
A detailed research paper by the International Council on Human Rights Policy about the difficulties involved in how journalists cover human rights stories.

The Conflict in Pictures
This specific link from The Guardian shares a photo gallery from 2004 when Israeli helicopters killed the spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

A Guide to Israel’s Political Parties
The BBC provided this summary of the 34 parties running in Israel’s January 2013 election for 120 seats in the Knesset, or parliament.


Promises & Betrayals
This History Channel documentary says Britain deserves a fair share of the blame for escalating the Arab-Israeli conflict in the 20th century (video).

Conflict Zone
Part One of a National Geographic Channel four-part documentary about trying to lead an ordinary life while dealing with the complications of living in a conflict zone (video).

Organization of News Ombudsmen
Home page for those who receive and investigate complaints from readers, listeners or viewers about accuracy, fairness, balance and good taste in news coverage.

Reporting Rhetoric, Non-Obnoxiously
Discusses the possibility of reporting about campaign rhetoric without going to extremes.