Modern History of Conflict In Sudan
This April 2010 review from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting website provides a detailed history of the conflict in Sudan.

The Sudanese Dictatorship: 25 years of Impunity
This June 2014 article from the New Statesman says the plight of Darfur’s refugees seldom makes a dent in British newspapers.

The Politics of Death in Darfur
Gerard Prunier wrote this article in the May 2006 edition of Current History (PDF).

Not On Our Watch
A humanitarian agency seeks to end the crisis with the help of a few celebrities.

Save Darfur
An agency connects concerned citizens with local groups whose goal is to stop the genocide in Darfur and eradicate hidden sources of funding for Sudanese human rights violators.

State Department
The Department of State’s informational page for Sudan.


On Our Watch
Link to November 2007 PBS Frontline film that asks why the international community and the United Nations failed to stop the slaughter (video).

Dumbing Down on Darfur
The Columbia Journalism Review questioned in this 2004 article the simplistic way news from Darfur was communicated.

Self-Serving, Sensationalist, Or Lazy Journalism?
The European-Sudanese Public Affairs Council’s 2004 assessment of a BBC journalist’s treatment of Darfur.

Inept Journalism
A July 2004 article from the London Times criticizing a reporter’s coverage of Darfur.

Where is the Arab Outrage over Darfur?
This Op-Ed from the Jerusalem Times in 2009 says self-censorship is threatening freedom of the press in the Middle East.


Another Rwanda?
The American Journalism Review shares news of exemplary work in 2005 despite the American press’s silence about Sudan.

One Reporter’s Layered, Nuanced Work from Darfur
The Columbia Journalism Review 2006 article examines a well-reported story about the Darfur crisis and says the press hasn’t been going soft.

No News Isn’t Good News
This 2009 Huffington Post article argues that journalism is essential to draw the world’s attention to the crisis in Darfur.

South Sudan is a Dangerous Place for Journalists
This May 2016 article from Public Radio International shares the growing hostility towards journalists in South Sudan.

Darfur is Dying
A narrative-based video game designed to bring awareness to the experiences of Darfurian refugees.

Related Topics

News from Africa
A website dedicated to sharing reporting from all over the continent.

Sudanese Christian woman tells her story
Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death for refusing to denounce Christianity. Her sentence was overturned thanks to international pressures and she tells her story to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in November 2014.

When Genocide Is a Story Left Largely Untold
An examination of the challenges that journalists face in reporting on genocide.

Darfurian Voices
An organization, 24 Hours for Darfur, collects opinion videos about the crisis to lobby Congress.

Country in Crisis: Sudan
A National Geographic overview of the ethnic conflicts in Darfur (video).


What to Do About Darfur
Journalist Nicholas Kristof writes in 2009 for the New York Review of Books about the solutions offered by authors.

Darfur in 2013 Sounds Awfully Familiar
An article with video from the New York Times about contest winner Erin Luhmann traveling with Nick Kristof.

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux
Profile and articles from the Washington Post reporter referenced in Case 14 for her strong reporting on Darfur.

The Enough Project is an initiative of the Washington D.C.-based New Venture Fund that seeks to end genocide in Darfur and other regions in Africa.