What is Peace Journalism?
TRANSCEND Media Service and Jake Lynch of the University of Sydney explain the concept.

Johan Galtung
TRANSCEND International’s web page about its founder. Includes his biography, blog, social media and links to his research.

Galtung speaks in the U.S.
Johan Galtung spoke about breaking the cycle of violent conflict In February 2010 at the University of San Diego’s Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (video).

Revisiting Peace Journalism with a Gender Lens
This 2011 Media Development article from Cai Yiping, a women’s human rights scholar, gives a breakdown of the differences between war and peace journalism (PDF).
A website with a summary of the idea and links to several books, articles and organizations advocating non-violent responses to conflict.


Galtung – Founding Fanatic of the Peace Racket
Bruce Bawer of the City Journal in New York City wrote this scathing critique in 2007. He writes that Johan Galtung and his peace movement are opposed to every value the West stands for.

Good Journalism or Peace Journalism?
This paper by the BBC’s David Loyn argues against what he calls the exclusive nature of peace journalism and the attempts by Jake Lynch and others to define a new orthodoxy by condemning all other forms of journalism (PDF).

Journalists as Peacekeeping Force?
Link to T&F Online’s abstract of Dr. Thomas Hanitzsch’s 2004 article in Journalism Studies. He says the potential influence of peace journalism is limited.

Jake Lynch faces claims of Anti-Semitism
Peace journalism leader Dr. Jake Lynch is cleared by his university of anti-Semitism in 2015. He supported a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel, which sparked an ugly protest on the University of Sydney campus.

Is Peace Journalism Possible?
Robert Hackett of Simon Fraser University in Canada wrote this article for Conflict and Communication Online in 2006.  He offers three communication theories or frameworks that may present challenges to the peace journalism movement.


Jake Lynch – The University of Sydney
Link to information about Dr. Lynch, one of the leaders in researching, training and teaching in peace journalism worldwide.

The Threat of Better Journalism?
Open Democracy’s Danny Schechter sees some value in David Loyn’s argument, but says peace journalism offers a new way of thinking that also has value.

High Road, Low Road: Charting the Course for Peace Journalism
This links to a chapter written by Galtung in a Springer series on pioneers in science and practice (PDF).

Peace Journalism: A Needed, Desirable and Practicable Reform
A 2014 article from Vanessa Bassil, founder of the Media Association for Peace, who writes that the idea of peace journalism offers a practical perspective from which to analyze and produce media.

The Center for Global Peace Journalism
Home page of Park University’s center in Parkville, Missouri. Includes link to The Peace Journalist magazine.

Media’s Role in Peace and War
A 2006 interview posted on the University for Peace website with Canadian media editor Keith Spicer about the idea of linking peace theories with reporting.

Related Topics

Lord David Puttnam’s 2013 TED talk – Duty of Care
The retired film producer asks this about the media: does it have a moral imperative to create informed citizens and support democracy? (video)

The Handbook of Mass Media Ethics
Google Books link to text edited by Lee Wilkins and Clifford Christians, which includes contributions by Seow Ting Lee on the topic on Peace Journalism.

Peacemaking in the World of Film
Link to information about a March 2009 editorial in Studies of World Christianity from Professor Jolyon Mitchell, who says violence is an irresistible topic for filmmakers.

Global Ethics and a Common Morality
Brill Online’s link to the abstract of Young Kang’s 2006 article in Philosophia Reformata considering the value of Christianity’s golden rule.

Q&A with Tod Lindberg
The Vision and Values series at Grove City College discusses the book The Political Teachings of Jesus with its author.


BBC Editorial Guidelines
The BBC shares its values and standards, applying to all content, wherever and however it is received.

Los Angeles Times Ethics Guidelines
The newspaper shares its policies on reporting, including access, credit, reporting on juveniles, staff conduct and corrections.

Booing the Golden Rule
Remy Maisel, a college student at Penn State, wrote in 2012 that adversarial journalism was hurting America.

Jolyon Mitchell bio
Information about one of the authors referenced in Case 18. Mitchell is a professor at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Divinity.