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Blogging Ethics
The University of North Carolina’s Martin Kuhn created a dialogue about the code of ethics.

COBE: A Proposed Code of Blogging Ethics
Kuhn’s paper about his code submitted for a conference at Harvard Law School in 2005 (PDF).

Weblog Ethics
This entry from Rebecca Blood’s blog provides an excerpt from her handbook chapter about ethics.

Society of Professional Journalists
The SPJ Web site provides the Society for Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

RTDNA Code of Ethics
Guidelines provided by the Radio Television Digital News Association.


Timely Blogging
Journalist Rebecca McKinnon critiques one aspect of Kuhn’s blogging code of ethics.

Contested Autonomy: Professional and Popular Claims on Journalistic Norms
Jane Singer’s 2007 paper from Journalism Studies, provided by the City University of London, considers how truth and transparency in journalism are being challenged by bloggers (PDF).

Food Blog Code of Ethics
A 2011 reflection by a group who wrote a code of ethics for food bloggers in 2009. They received both praise and criticism from their readers.

Ethical Food Blogging
This 2009 article by Tim Hayward of The Guardian was critical of the original Food Blog Code of Ethics.

The Great Blogging Ethics Debate
This 2003 Washington Post article gives some historical perspective to the back-and-forth on the questions of blogger attribution and includes comments from two journalism professors.


Interactivity and Prioritizing the Human: A Code of Blogging Ethics
Taylor & Francis Online link to abstract of Kuhn’s article from a 2007 edition of the Journal of Mass Media Ethics.

Legal Guide for Bloggers
Provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this page is a guide to legal liability, intellectual property, online defamation and other topics related to blogging.

Call for a Blogger’s Code of Conduct
Tim O’Reilly’s 2007 call for better standards in the wake of a cyber-bullying incident.

FTC Tells Amateur Bloggers to Disclose Freebies or be Fined
This 2009 Wired article reports on the Federal Trade Commission’s new rules for accepting free items and disclosing financial interests.

A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs
This 2007 New York Times article by Brad Stone wonders if it’s too late to bring civility to the web.

Dr. M. Moots Bloggers’ Code of Ethics
Former prime minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir, says bloggers must acknowledge the responsibility that comes with the unfettered nature of the medium.

Related Topics

Blogs and Journalistic Authority
Taylor & Francis Online link to abstract of Matt Carlson’s article from a 2007 edition of Journalism Studies. He reviews the role of blogs in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election.

Blog Legal Problems
A blogger was being sued in August 2005 because of the comments his readers made on his page. The Blog has the story.

Blogging Can Get You Sued
The story of a Capitol Hill clerk who posted private information about others on her blog and lost her job.

Should Bloggers Follow A Professional Code Of Ethics?
Author Howard Gardner discusses this question with the Massachusetts School of Law (video).

Jeff Jarvis on a Journalistic Code of Ethics
The journalist, professor and Open Web advocate shares his thoughts on a new code of ethics for citizen journalists and bloggers (video).


Drudge Report
The Drudge Report is a popular blogging news site funded by advertising.

Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics
Dave Konig writes on highlighting a code of ethics for healthcare bloggers.

Criticism Should Not Need Ethical Guidelines
The Guardian’s Andrew Haydon addresses a code of ethics for theatre critics in this 2008 article.

Blogging and Other Social Media book link to Alex Newson’s 2008 book, referred to in Case 21, about practical guidance on using social media and blogs