What Is Guerrilla Marketing?
Definitions and examples of guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing/Levinson
Considered the official site of guerilla marketing. A website devoted to teaching how to best use guerilla marketing. Contains bio and information about the late Jay Conrad Levinson.

The Reserved Ruler of In-Your-Face Marketing
Advertising Age article by Brooke Capps profiles Sam Ewen, CEO of Interference, the agency behind the Aqua Teen Hunger Force stunt.

Rob Walker’s article ‘The Hidden Persuaders’
Link to a PDF of the December, 2004 article in The New York Times Magazine concerning ‘word of mouth’ marketers, or ‘buzz agents.’

Guerrilla Marketing defined
A look at what exactly guerrilla marketing is and some of the tactics involved.

Reborn to Be Alive campaign in Belgium
Information referred to in Case 23 regarding an organ donor registration effort tied to Apple stores.

The Webby Awards winners’ page: ‘Tinder Takeover’
Official Webby awards page outlining the process behind Amnesty International’s partnership with Circul8 for this campaign.

The Red Bull Stratos jump
Official Red Bull site with information about Felix Baumgartner’s world record jump in October 2012. This stunt was an example of guerrilla marketing and brand extension.


Why A&F’s Jersey Shore stunt hurts us all
Author John Tantillo’s opinion column for Fox from August of 2011 criticizing Abercrombie and Fitch’s motives in asking a cast member of Jersey Shore to stop wearing their clothing.

Stealth Marketing Effective, Some Say Deceiving
ABC News report on the Sony-Ericcson guerrilla product demonstration. Contains criticism from Commercial Alert and mixed reviews from everyday people impacted by the marketing efforts.

Deception in Guerrilla Advertising
Transcript of a 2003 CBS News 60 Minutes report about guerrilla and stealth advertising. Author Malcolm Gladwell addresses his concerns on the deception and trickery involved in these types of marketing efforts.

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Be Seduced Into Using Believable Bots
Ad Week recaps reaction and criticism of the ExMachina and Tinder stunt at SXSW in 2015

Five Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Gone Wrong
Article featuring pictures of unethical guerrilla marketing.


Levinson Interview
Home business entrepreneur Michael Senoff provides mp3 links of his interview with the father of guerrilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson (audio).

Sam Decker on Guerrilla Marketing
Decker, an e-commerce specialist, uses his marketing blog to share answers to questions he was asked in a guerrilla marketing panel in Austin, TX in 2008. He suggests guerrilla marketing is most effective in direct-to-consumer marketing.

Austin Technology Council Meeting
YouTube link to the 2008 ATC Sales and Marketing seminar on guerrilla marketing featuring Sam Decker (video).

Creative Guerrilla Marketing Home Page
Creative Guerrilla Marketing is dedicated to share founder Ryan Lum’s passion for spreading creative marketing strategies that are unique and unconventional.  He encourages marketers to push the envelope and encourage new ways of thinking.

Good Examples of Guerrilla Marketing
Marketing lawyer Larry Bodine’s blog including photos of creative and ethical guerrilla marketing techniques. Bodine believes more law firms should try guerrilla marketing.

Food Trucks and Guerrilla Marketing
A 2011 article from the BLAST Media PR agency suggests that the revival of the food truck industry owes part of its success to guerrilla marketing.

Related Topics

Virtue Ethics applied to PR and Advertising
Link to an article cited in Case 23 from Sherry Baker in Journal of Mass Media Ethics from 2008.

More on Buzz Agents
Hired buzz agents are another marketing tactic often used by guerrilla marketers. Author Christine Loman explores the idea of invisible advertising in this article from Buzzsaw magazine.

What is Tinder?
Home page of the dating app mentioned in Case 23. There’s also a video link that explains what Tinder does.

Commercial Alert
Organization focused on protecting communities from commercialism. The site includes a profile of Gary Ruskin, who is quoted in Case 23 regarding the Sony-Ericsson camera stunt.


80 Ideas and Images
A blog showcasing 80 highly creative guerrilla marketing campaigns, includes images (photo gallery).

Entrepreneur Marketing How-to’s
A collection of articles, how-to guides, and creative ideas for innovative companies.

Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business book link from Jay Conrad Levinson

Turner Broadcasting Makes Bad Guerrilla Marketing Mistake
CNN article about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guerrilla marketing bomb scares in Boston. Contains the company’s apology and reaction from public officials in Boston.