PBS Frontline – Generation Like
Link to the documentary film referenced in Case 26 (video).

Behavioral Targeting: Friend or Foe?
This 2009 article by website Search Engine Watch’s Frank Watson explores the debate over behavioral targeting.

Sponsored Searches
This article from 2006 explores the early history and efforts of mainstream web search tools to customize ads according to relevance for users.

Behavioral Targeting and Contextual Advertising
An overview of behavioral targeting from a marketing perspective, including how targeting works and its effectiveness.

What They Know: Advertising Cookies and You
The Wall Street Journal’s introduction to the process of behavioral targeting (video).


We are all ‘Lab Rats’ online
PBS Frontline interview in 2013 with Australian media professor Mark Andrejevic, who wonders if we know what we’re sharing online.

Doug Rushkoff’s home page
Rushkoff is an author, media theorist and the Frontline correspondent behind ‘Generation Like’ and several other short films about technology and media.

How Privacy Vanishes Online
2010 New York Times story by Steve Lohr referenced in Case 26 explains how our online habits can piece together our identity

Internet users don’t like targeted ads
A 2012 Pew Research Center poll reveals the opinions of Americans on this topic.

FTC Concerns
This 2009 article in Wired shares that the FTC has many concerns about the invasiveness of behavioral targeting and proposes several new guidelines for online advertisers.


Benefits of Behavioral Targeting
This article by Bruce Clay, Inc. provides an overview of several benefits of behavioral targeting, including statistics and a look at future possibilities.

Buying Audiences
This article identifies three themes shaping behavioral targeting and focuses on the positive potential for matching relevant products to the right audiences.

Cookies and their role the web surfing experience
This animated presentation shows the benefits of cookies as they track internet usage (video).

Ignitio One home page
This firm specializes in marketing technology and works with numerous well-known clients like Verizon, BMW and Motel 6.

Unique Experiences
The author proposes behavioral targeting benefits consumers as each person has a ‘unique experience’ as sites and ads are tailored to the individuals.

Related Topics

What did Generation Like think of ‘Generation Like?
PBS follows up with some of those profiled in the documentary to get their feedback.

Facebook makes opting out of BT easier
Article from Advertising Age in September 2015 explains how Facebook is giving users a chance to opt out of behavioral ad targeting.

Privacy and the Press
Google Books link to Lou Hodges’ article referenced in Case 26, featured in the 2009 printing of the textbook Mass Media Ethics, edited by Wilkins and Christians.

76% of Marketers Don’t Target with Behavioral Data?
This 2014 article from Ad Week says a survey has the data to prove it.

Protect Your Privacy
This article was written in 2002 but still suggests some time-tested principles to protect your privacy online.
The official website for the privacy advocacy organization, Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Slippery Slope
Two marketing executives speaking at the New School in New York City in 2009 discuss the slippery slope of privacy invasion through behavioral targeting (video).


Ad Blockers and the Nuisance at the Heart of the Modern Web
This New York Times reporter, Farhad Manjoo, writes that web ad blockers may ironically end up helping the digital advertising industry.

BT Best Practices
This 2006 article details a step-by-step process for advertisers to use behavioral targeting to encourage consumers to make a decision to buy.

Spreadable Media text link
Google Books link to the 2013 textbook Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture by Jenkins, Ford and Green.  This text is referenced near the end of Case 26.

Instagram gives small business a dashboard full of data
This May 2016 article in Ad Week shares how the social media company is giving small businesses data about their posts that could eventually lead them to become paid advertisers.