FCKH8 home page
Website of the for-profit advocacy organization that calls itself pro-LGBTQ, anti-racist and pro gender-equality.

FCKH8 YouTube page
You can find Potty Mouth Princesses (PMP) 1, PMP 2 and the Santa equal-pay videos here. Contains profanity (video).

Princesses drop F-bombs to support feminism
Entertainment Tonight website article referenced in Case 29 discussing FCKH8’s use of girls ages 6-13 in the PMP videos using profanity.

F-bombs for Feminism? Empowering or Exploiting?
Entertainment Tonight article and video archive with Kevin Frazier and Brooke Anderson reporting about split reaction to the PMP video.

Sally Kohn responds to the PMP video
The CNN columnist, and mother of a 6-year-old, addresses the two sides of the PMP issue.  Also contains link to Headline News coverage of the story (video).


FCKH8 needs to stop
Tumblr page that is against the mission of FCKH8. The page creators believe that FCKH8 exploits the LGBTQ and other oppressed communities. Contains profanity.

The many, many problems with the ‘potty-mouthed princesses’ video
Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey summarizes the criticism of the PMP campaign.

Potty-mouthed parody
This video parody of PMP by Julie Borowski questions the statistics and motivations behind the original video.

The Feminist Rabbit Hole
Column from The Federalist’s Heather Wilhelm, referenced in Case 29, about how feminists upped the ante with PMP.

The PMP video is exploitative
Response from Dr. Rebecca Hains, a media studies author and professor from Salem State University. Some responses contain mild profanity.


Director and mom defend potty-mouth video
Another Entertainment Tonight follow-up story, including the director, one of the children and her mother responding to criticism of the PMP video.

FCKH8 defends PMP video
In a response to the Mediaite website, the organization defends itself.

The PMP girls are back
Jezebel web column by Isha Aran reveals some discomfort, but also some support for the PMP girls and their domestic violence campaign.

Related Topics

TL;DR’s video response
Teal Deer’s harsh YouTube response to the first PMP video and FCKH8, referred to in Case 29. Contains profanity (video).

Shockvertising: the ugly side of viral marketing
Ad Week article from 2014 shares how viral marketing can sometimes be vulgar and cheap.

The Federal Trade Commission’s media resources
This FTC link focuses on truth and advertising with additional articles and information.

Do ads with high shock value work?
The Marketplace program from Minnesota Public Radio took on this question in October 2009 (audio).


Mixed Media textbook
Google Books link to 2013 edition of Thomas Bivins’ book referenced in Case 29, Mixed Media: Moral Distinctions in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism.

The Extremist
Michael Specter’s article, referenced in Case 29, from the April 2003 New Yorker magazine profiling Ingrid Newkirk, president of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She discusses extremism among special interest groups.