The Philadelphia Inquirer
The official web site of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia Newspapers Seeking Bankruptcy
The New York Times’ article about The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily’s bankruptcy.

History of the Philadelphia Inquirer
A brief history of the newspaper from 1829-2009.

Creditors buy papers at auction
The article summarizing the April 2010 auction that gave control of the Inquirer to its senior creditors.

November 2015 layoffs at Inquirer and Daily News
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch version of the AP story on the layoffs.

State of the news media – 2016
A group of fact sheets about elements of the news media in June 2016 from Pew Research.

Newspaper declines accelerate
Poynter article from June 2016 summarizes the Pew Research report.


Newspaper Death Watch
A website that chronicles the decline of newspapers and what they call the rebirth of journalism.

The Reconstruction of American Journalism
This 2009 article from the Columbia Journalism Review addresses the transformation of the journalism industry in the U.S.

The Newspaper Business is Dead in Philly
Philadelphia magazine considers what’s next for newspapers in the city in the October 2015 article.

Save The Newspapers
The Wall Street Journal
blog post from March 2009 on newspapers that could be in danger of being out of print. Compare the predictions here to today’s reality.

The Newspaper Industry Must Change, or Become Yesterday’s News
Mike Elgan of Computer World weighed in on the topic in this March 2012 opinion piece. He says newspapers can decide to be involved in utilizing mobile technology and the Internet.


A PR Magnate Struggles To Revive A Newspaper
A Fortune article from 2006 about Brian Tierney’s efforts to keep The Philadelphia Inquirer afloat.

The new structure at Philadelphia Media Network looks at the newly-formed non-profit in January 2016, overseen by the Philadelphia Foundation.

The Institute for Journalism in New Media
This infographic from breaks down the new ownership structure as of January 2016.

Will More Newspapers Go Nonprofit?
The Atlantic tackles this question after the Philadelphia decision and shares some history on the topic.

How to Save Newspapers – and make them Profitable again
This Huffington Post blog is from October 2015 and written by Michael Rosenblum, founder of Current TV. He suggests video as great journalism married to new technology.

Related Topics

C.P. Scott and his legacy
The former editor of the Manchester Guardian is referenced in Case 3 and celebrated in this 2002 article. It honors his 1921 essay, ‘A Hundred Years’ as a classic statement on a free press.

The Death and Life of American Journalism
Authors Robert McChesney and John Nichols talk about their 2010 book with the TV program Democracy Now. There are three parts to this interview (video).

Newspapers: The Future
The Washington Post
article in 2005 summarizes an online chat with reporter Frank Ahrens and Russ Wilcox of E Ink Corp. They offer their take on newspapers and thoughts for moving forward in the industry.

Blaming Newspaper Management for Newspaper Problems
Time Magazine 2009 article on the managerial issues newspapers face.

A Guide to Successful Newspaper Management
The International Center for Journalists provides a PDF download for newspaper entrepreneurs in developing countries about creating and operating a successful business.


The Ethical Journalist
Google Books link to the 2nd edition of Gene Blackwell’s book about making responsible decisions in the digital age.

The Hutchins Commission report provides the report referenced in Case 3, A Free and Responsible Press from the 1947 Commission on Freedom of the Press.

Four Survival Strategies for Struggling Newspapers
NPR’s Corey Dade offered four tips in a March 2012 article.

Bankruptcy Basics
Legal information on bankruptcy.