Strong4Life home page
Website of the wellness movement from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the focus of Case 30.

Fox News report on the controversy of S4L
The cable news channel’s report on the anti-obesity ads from January 2014 (video).

Reaction to the Strong4Life commercials
January 2012 post from Emma Gray of the Huffington Post with reaction on both sides to the S4L ad campaign.

CDC home on Childhood Obesity
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s home page with facts and resources for parents concerning childhood weight and obesity.

Strong4Life changes directions in Phase 2
Article from HLN tells about the next sequence of ads for the campaign.


Grim child obesity ads stir critics
Recap of the S4L ad campaign from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Obesity Action Coalition responds
This Florida organization alerted its members about the S4L campaign and polled them for reaction. petition against S4L
Link to the campaign page for’s petition asking CHA to stop the S4L obesity campaign.

Strong 4 Life 101
A very detailed critique of the S4L campaign from the website called Fierce, Freethinking Fatties.

#Ashamed Twitter campaign
Story about the mom who started a trend on social media to ask CHA to change the obesity ads.


Strong 4 Life Georgia’s YouTube page
Home for the variety of videos used by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for wellness and education (video).

A response from a public relations perspective
Trish Taylor of Ogilvy Public Relations questions whether the campaign really stigmatized overweight children.

The Fooducate blog
This blog post offers that any commercial bringing awareness to the obesity issue, even if effective, eventually gets drowned out by all the unhealthy food ads so prevalent on television.

Parent says the S4L ads plant a seed
Recap of the controversy by National Public Radio’s Kathy Lohr, where a parent tells her the campaign, regardless of the method, may result in action.

Related Topics

American Heart Association’s obesity resource page
Information and resources about the toll childhood obesity takes on the heart.

What about food ads and children?
The American Psychological Association addresses the topic of food advertising and its influence on kids.

Childhood Obesity News
Online newsletter that was inspired by the writing of Dr. Robert Pretlow, who conducted a ten-year survey about children’s attitudes about weight and weight loss.


This is how much celebrities get paid to endorse unhealthy food
National Public Radio’s Allison Aubrey shares the information in this June 2016 story from All Things Considered (audio).

The Image Culture
Christine Rosen’s article referenced in the Introduction to Chapter 7, from the fall 2005 issue of The New Atlantis.  The article discusses the power and autonomy of images.