ACLU press release on 2011 lawsuit
Information about the lawsuit against the City of Philadelphia and Clear Channel for the rejection of the NAACP billboards, referenced in Case 31.

Hulu rejects Vote No 67 ad
Story from Rewire about the Hulu decision to reject the ad against the personhood amendment in Colorado. The ad is embedded in the story (video).

CBS rejects ads for the movie Truth
Article from Variety magazine summarizing the decision by CBS not to accept the ad buy for the movie about the controversial 60 Minutes II story.

Challenges with clearance in issue advertising
The Communications Consortium Media Center addresses media clearance when it comes to any type of public issue.

Federal Trade Commission resources
The FTC website provides a number of articles on advertising and marketing basics.


Judge rules in favor of NAACP
Law 360 article about the federal ruling on the rejection of the Philadelphia billboards.

Buzzfeed summary of the Vote No 67 Hulu decision
This article includes the actual letters and emails between Hulu and Vote No 67 and is critical of the online streaming service.

CBS refuses to air Truth ads
Entertainment Weekly article looks at the back-and-forth in the CBS decision to reject the ad campaign for Truth.

Could ad blocking dampen democracy?
Article referenced in the Introduction to Chapter 8 from Advertising Age evaluating the practice in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.


Newsweek article on Vote No 67
In this article, Hulu defends their decision to reject the Vote No 67 ads in Colorado.

More on the Truth decision by CBS
This article is referenced in Case 31, from The Guardian. Includes comments from CBS spokesperson Gil Schwartz attacking the accuracy of the film.

AAAA standards of practice
The American Association of Advertising Agencies gives guidelines to agencies in their work with clients.

The 5 wrongheaded complaints about advertising
A marketing professor at Cal State-Pomona responded in this 2007 article to five common complaints about advertising.

Related Topics

Trailer for the Truth film
Link to the Movieclips YouTube channel trailer for Truth, the movie concerning the Killian memos and CBS News (video).

Dan Rather comments on Truth movie
Article from CNN Money discusses Rather’s reaction and the timing of the controversy just as the movie hit theatres.

Adbusters home page
Official website of the Vancouver organization with a mission of fighting back against commercial forces.

Adbusters and their ‘subvertisements’
Information about the media foundation’s attempts to buy commercial time in the United States and Canada.

Amendment 67 defeated
The ACLU of Colorado recaps the 2014 defeat of the personhood amendment.

Facebook criticized for blocking an ad
May 2016 case where Facebook blocked an ad from an Australian feminist group


The Marketplace of Ideas
Link to the abstract from the W.W. Hopkins article in the spring 1996 edition of Journalism & Mass Media Quarterly.

The TED talk on filter bubbles
Author Eli Pariser speaks in March 2011 about his book and the concern that internet filters can restrict our exposure to ideas and in turn, our worldview.