SPJ Code of Ethics
The full Society of Professional Journalists’ code, which includes the hallmark of separating advertising and editorial content.

ASME Editorial Guidelines
The American Society of Magazine Editors’ official editorial guidelines link, which references conflicts of interest.

The Federal Trade Commission and native advertising
The FTC’s native advertising guide for businesses, including a link to its Enforcement Policy Statement on Deceptively Formatted Advertising, referenced in Case 32.

A Porous Wall
A 2009 article in the American Journalism Review examines the ethical questions that arise from crossing the line between content and advertising. survey on native advertising
The study from this content strategy website is referenced in Case 32. It surveyed 509 consumers 18+ in 2015 about how they interpret native advertising.

Los Angeles Times and the native ad for a movie
The Huffington Post recaps the Times decision to run the Alice in Wonderland movie ad on the front page. Includes an image of the paper.


The blurred lines of native advertising
A 2014 article from Tom Kutsch of the now-defunct Al Jazeera America bureau about the topic, discussing the conflict-of-interest fears of native advertising.

Here lies web journalism, dead at the hands of the almighty advertiser
A 2013 article from Robert Cringely of about the backlash concerning native advertising.

Is it content or advertising?
This is a 2015 article from Jack Neff of Advertising Age about content marketing, which he writes is overused and under-defined.

Groups struggle to self-regulate native advertising
This 2013 article from Daniel Ford of Associations Now discusses the criticism of The Atlantic’s native ad with The Church of Scientology

A Fading Taboo
This 2007 article in the American Journalism Review discusses concerns of journalists over front page advertising.

Southland TV ad in the LA Times pushes limits
This TV article recaps and shows the images of the NBC show Southland ad from April 2009 in the Times.


Native advertising insights
The website provides native ad software and a number of resources, textual and visual, about their business.

Native advertising – media savior or custom campaign?
A 2012 article from Jason Del Rey of Advertising Age shares screen shots and examples of campaigns from The Atlantic and BuzzFeed. seminar on native advertising
Ryan Deiss, founder of, shares history and examples of native ads and presents a roll-out plan (video).

Los Angeles Times editor defends decision to run ad
News report examines the outcry after an ad for the NBC show Southland appeared on the front page of the Times.

Newspaper Association of America
The official site of the NAA, includes advertising projections, circulation statistics and more.

Related Topics

Publishers are about to hit a wall with native ads
2016 article from Lucia Moses of writes that the native ad trend peaked in late 2015.

Revenue Slide
Drops in revenue across the newspaper industry motivated many newspapers, including the New York Times, to offer front page ads.

Geneva Overholser
This journalist and educator is cited in Case 32 about the bond of trust between newspapers and readers. She positions herself on her blog as ‘old media bio, new media gusto.’


State of the News Media
The 2015 version of the annual review of the newspaper industry, by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Newspaper Death Watch
The web site devoted to “chronicling the death of newspapers and the rebirth of journalism.”

Newspaper Industry in Decline
CNN report in 2009 with Don Lemon examines the bleak outlook for newspapers.

How to Save the News
This 2010 article from The Atlantic proposes Google has an answer to saving the news.