Evolution of product placement in film
A 2010 study from student Alex Walton in the Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communication focuses on 90 years of product placement in movies.

7 memorable moments in product placement
This article from August 2014 highlights key moments of product placement in films and TV.

Product Placement and the FCC
A 2010 post from the Communication Law Center website discusses the history of product placement and FCC-regulated media.

SAG/AFTRA statement on product placement
A November 2005 press release from the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists commented on the growing trend of product integration.

The integration between Empire and Pepsi
A November 2015 article from Advertising Age about the three-episode run involving the FOX-TV show and the soda company.

Handbook of Product Placement textbook
Google Books link to 2004’s Handbook of Product Placement in the Mass Media: New Strategies in Marketing.


A Place for Everything
The article cited in Case 33 examines how marketers are getting their products in front of consumers.

Blasting Away at Product Placement
Critics in this 2009 Bloomberg Business article argue the practice is ‘stealth’ advertising and call for stricter regulations by the FCC.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
Trailer for Morgan Spurlock’s 2011 film about product placement (video).

Commercial Alert home
The Public Citizen Commercial Alert website provides updated news and additional information about product placement.

Dr. Pepper on Top Chef
Criticism for the paid advertisement for Diet Dr. Pepper on the show Top Chef.


Product Placement News
A website devoted to news, articles and research about product placement.

The first product placement
Unilever’s Facebook page shows us footage of a very early example of product placement (video).

Donny Deutsch is putting products front and center
This Advertising Age article talks about how the former adman is selling product on his  USA Network TV show, which debuted in November, 2015.

Product Placement in the U.K.
British TV executives respond in 2010 to criticism regarding product placement and government restrictions.

Product placement statistics
Marketer Brandon Gaille shares numbers and a Watch Mojo video with movie examples in this 2015 blog post.

Related Topics

MPAA sued over smoking scenes
May 2016 article from about the Motion Picture Association of America’s response to being sued for having too many smoking scenes in movies targeted to children.

USA Network – Donny home page
Learn more about the satirical Donny Deutsch series and watch episodes from the first season.

The TARES Test: Five Principles for Ethical Persuasion
Link to the abstract of the article from Baker and Martinson in a 2001 issue of the Journal of Mass Media Ethics. Referenced near the end of case 33.

YouTube’s Product Placement Policies
YouTube allows partners to include paid product placements in their posted videos.


Shameless Product Placement or Social Commentary?
Blog post discusses the use of product placement in the film Minority Report.

Product placement in popular music video
Music video for “Telephone” performed by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé; full of product placement, some as a tribute to pop culture artist Andy Warhol.