Ad Blocking: A Primer
A January 2016 summary of the issues at hand from writer Mandi Gandham, who is also CEO of a native advertising company.

Advertisers sweat as ad-blockers grow
October 2015 feature from CNBC addresses the topic with guests on both sides of the debate (video).

War on advertising
A September 2015 article from Advertising Age gives an overview of how ads are being cast as the enemy by consumers and what the advertising industry could do about it.

Imagine a world without ads
A September 2015 article referenced in Case 34 from Advertising Age breaks down the realistic costs of media content if advertising went away.

Is using an ad blocker morally wrong?
Fortune magazine weighs in this 2015 piece from Matthew Ingram.


Future of the internet at stake
This April 2016 article from Advertising Age shares that next-generation ad blocking software will likely violate net neutrality, because blockers can decide what ads they do and don’t let through.

Ad Blocking: The unnecessary internet apocalypse
Randall Rothenberg’s September 2015 Advertising Age article where he encourages the advertising industry to disrupt the disruptors.

Digital media needs to react to ad blockers…or else
Article from the fall 2015 issue of the Columbia Journalism Review says users with ad blockers will slowly put their favorite websites out of business.

Publishers: stop it with the ad blockers
August 2015 PC Magazine article shares that ad blocking cut ad revenue by almost $22 billion in the first part of 2015.

Forbes Media sales chief says ad blocking is a threat podcast from June 10, 2016 interviews Forbes Media’s Chief Revenue Officer Mark Howard about the company’s serious stance on ad blocking (audio).


AdBlock Plus
An example of one company providing advertising blocking software

The Pot calling the Kettle blocked
An October 2015 article from Joe Mandese, referenced in case 34. He admits surprise at the advertising industry’s reaction to ad blockers.

Why it’s OK to block ads
The University of Oxford’s James Williams writes on the topic in this ‘Practical Ethics’ blog from October 2015.

What would Kant do? Ad blocking is a problem, but ethical writer Ricardo Bilton references Kant’s Categorical Imperative in this August 2015 article about ad blocking.

The Ethical Ad Blocker?
It exists, according to this post from in 2015.

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Ad blockers are making money off of ads
Wired article from March 2016 discusses how ad blockers are able to make money.

The business of ad blocking
Computer World’s 2014 interview with the lead investor of ad blocking software, Adblock Plus.

Comments and reviews on Adblock software
CNET’s download page for Adblock includes reviews from users.


Advertising and editorial: striking the balance
Jane Martinson addresses the balance between editorial and advertising in this 2015 blog post from The Guardian.

Digital media ethics
Dr. Stephen Ward writes about the changes in digital media ethics on the website of the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Journalism Ethics.