Spanish Gold
Link to abstract of Roberta Astroff’s 1988 article about U.S. Latino markets in the Howard Journal of Communications

In their own words
Link to abstract of Dwight Brooks’ 1995 article about the construction of the African-American consumer market in the Howard Journal of Communications

The Hispanic Market
Identifies characteristics of the U.S. Hispanic market and why trans creation, not translation, is a marketing strategy.

Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication
A web site hosted by the Florida State University devoted to research on Hispanic marketing and communication.

Fred Fejes academia page page of Fred Fejes, professor at Florida Atlantic University, who writes on Communication and Media Studies, and Queer Studies

LGBT marketing and advertising: best practices
Article from the Human Rights Campaign with advice on how to avoid stereotypes and clichés.

Out Now research page
Out Now Global undertakes the world’s longest continuing lesbian and gay market research program.


Coca Cola pulls Mexican ad
The New York Daily News covers the December 2015 backlash from a commercial viewed by some as ‘hipster colonialism.’

Hispanic Television vs Hispanic Ads
This 2007 Advertising Age article criticizes Hispanic television but praises Hispanic ads.

Home Depot’s Hispanic Choice
Criticism over Home Depot’s selection of Hispanic ad agency.

Wells Fargo says critics ignore reality
Wells Fargo responds to critics of its first ad featuring a gay couple.

6 offensive gay stereotypes that movies won’t stop using
Ashley Reese, a straight man, writes on that these portrayals are getting old.


Hispanic Ad Agency home page
Batanga Media is the largest independent digital media and content company for the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America and Brazil.

Success in Spanish
Article outlining the benefits and research on Hispanic marketing.

The 2015 Guide to Hispanic Marketing
Information and summary of Advertising Age magazine’s annual fact pack about Hispanic marketing

Carl Kravetz speaks to the AHAA
Press release from the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies in 2006 about Kravetz’s presentation called ‘The Heart of Latino Identity.’

Nielsen’s LGBT consumer report
The Nielsen Company’s July 2015 report on the LGBT consumer, household and characteristics.

Ethical Marketing for Pride Month
This 2013 article from gives examples of ethical and unethical marketing for Gay Pride month.

Related Topics

Explore the strategy of diversity marketing
Information from with frequently asked questions about this topic.

Univision’s home page
The official website of the Spanish-speaking network.

Logo TV’s home page
The official website of the cable and satellite channel targeted to the gay audience.

Marketing to Hispanics Online
Article proposes methods and reasons for marketing to Hispanics in the online context.

Marketing Resources
Series of articles on Marketing Profs web site about how to market to Hispanics.


We are all ‘Lab Rats’ online
PBS Frontline interview in 2013 with Australian media professor Mark Andrejevic, who wonders if we know what we’re sharing online.

Dispelling Anti-Latino animosity will take work
Washington Post article from Latina columnist Marcela Sanchez criticizes ethnic assumptions.

Hispanic Marketing by Dodge
Explanation of Dodge’s 2011 RAM truck campaign targeted to Hispanics (video).

Latinos, Inc. book link
PDF excerpt of Introduction and Chapter 1 from Arlene Davila’s 2001 book referenced in Case 37, Latinos, Inc.: The Making and Marketing of a People.