Hardee’s Serves Up 1,420-calorie Burger
MSNBC reports the debut and description of the Hardee’s Thickburger which sparked the controversial ad campaign.

Paris Hilton to Star in Much-Anticipated Spicy Burger Ads for Carl’s Jr.
The official company press release for Paris Hilton’s provocative Carl’s Jr. television commercial.

Carl’s Jr. Online
Carl’s Jr. Website is nearly identical in layout to Hardee’s, but shows different, and racier video ads. It also has a tribute to founder Carl N. Karcher.

Carl’s Jr. YouTube channel
Carl’s Jr. Channel with all the commercials the company has become famous, or infamous for (video).

Carl’s Jr. makes an agency change
The Orange County Register reports on Carl’s Jr.’s December 2011 decision to change agencies.

Ethics and Advertising: Moral Muteness, Moral Myopia and Moral Imagination
The Association for Consumer Research provides a summary of the study referenced in Case 38 by researchers Drumwright and Murphy concerning advertising ethics.

Drumwright and Murphy’s full study
Link to PDF of the study referenced in Case 38 and summarized in the link above.


Hardee’s Ad Angers Tennessee Teachers
Free Republic’s news report on the offensive hamburger ads, along with the Tennessee Education Association’s response.

PTC: About Us
Web site of the Parents Television Council, a non-partisan education organization that advocates for enforcement of broadcast decency

About-Face galleries
About-Face, a non-profit organization against harmful media messages for females, creates and updates galleries of advertising offenders and winners.

Critics Are Saying ‘That’s Too Hot’ of Sexy Carl’s Jr. Ad
The Los Angeles Times’ article that states the Paris Hilton commercial was too provocative and indecent.

Unborn Baby Threatens Mom in New Burger Ad
World Net Daily reports the controversy swirling around another tasteless burger ad by Carl’s Jr. in which an unborn baby, portrayed with a man’s voice, threatens his mother.


No Apologies for Sexy Paris Hilton Ad
Carl’s Jr. CEO, Andrew Puzder criticizes the critics of his company’s offensive hamburger ad. The Parents Television Council had levied a strong reprimand at Carl’s Jr. for its lack of social responsibility.

Andrew Puzder interview in Entrepreneur
Carl’s and Hardee’s CEO Puzder defends the strategy of his company and reacts to criticism of the Charlotte McKinney ad in this 2015 profile article from Entrepreneur magazine.

Patty Melts for You
Hardee’s controversial “Patty Melts” 30-second commercial (video).

The agency behind Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.
The home page of advertising agency 72andSunny, which took over the fast-food chain’s advertising in January 2012.

Cheeseburger in Paradise
A 2007 article in Advertising Age by Kate Macarthur, referenced in Case 38, about the boom in large burger sales despite health and obesity concerns.

Related Topics

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits
Milton Friedman’s 1970 article in the New York Times Magazine on the social responsibility of businesses.

Research showing sex doesn’t necessarily sell
Advertising Age report from 2015 on the success of the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. TV commercials.

The other side of Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr.: Seedrah
If you reverse the letters of the company website, you get this domain with healthier menu options.

Burger Wars: Jack in the Box Sued over Ad
This Associated Press/NBC News article describes the Carl’s Jr. /Hardees lawsuit against rival Jack in the Box for allegedly disparaging Hardee’s in a new ad.

Ads too racy for the Super Bowl
January 2016 link provides a list and embedded video of five banned ads for past Super Bowl broadcasts, including the Hardee’s ad with Charlotte McKinney.


The Media Research Center
Information about the MRC and its founder, Brent Bozell. This media watchdog organization encourages ethical media standards and unbiased reporting.  Bozell also helped found the Parent’s Television Council.

David & Goliath TV commercials
Examples of recent work done by the David and Goliath agency, who handled the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. account until the end of 2011.

Ethical Issues in Online Advertising
This web page has several links and information on ethical issues of online advertising.

Paris Hilton Burger Crashes Website
An article about how Paris Hilton’s racy ad created web traffic to the Carl’s Jr. web site.