No easy fix for the FDA
Opening article referenced in Case 39 where Wendy Parmet of Project HOPE outlines the balance the Food and Drug Administration faces in regulating e-cigarettes.

The Ethical Implications of Marketing a Safer Cigarette
Abstract with link to full article from a group of students at the University of Texas-Arlington who discuss the free market vs. utilitarian ethical concerns of marketing the electronic cigarette.

The American Lung Association weighs in
The latest information about e-cigarettes and your lungs from the nation’s leading advocate for lung health.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse information page
This page is regularly updated with frequently asked questions concerning the safety of e-cigarettes

What is vaping?
The website provides the basic information about the vaping process with electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette regulation and taxation
The Public Health Law Center at Minnesota’s Hamline School of Law summarizes and updated current e-cigarette policies in the United States.


E-cigarette use can alter hundreds of genes involved in airway immune defense
Science Daily shares an article from University of North Carolina Health Care where toxicologists are finding similarities between regular and electronic cigarettes.

The CDC, e-cigarette advertising and youth
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s resource page with concerns about teenagers and e-cigarette advertising.

E-cigarettes under fire
Article in WebMD’s smoking cessation section shares the e-cigarette criticism from the FDA and medical groups.

Why work with big tobacco?
An Australian professor questions why anyone would want to work with promoting cigarettes or tobacco.

E-cigarettes – good or bad? website features this response from Dr. Patricia Salber, who wonders if we should trust the people who brought us lung cancer.


E-Cigarette manufacturers say new regulations will devastate the industry
This May 2016 article from Forbes shares reactions to new federal regulations announced by the FDA.

The top e-cigarette brands
The Quit Smoking Community web page shares its 2016 reviews in hopes of driving people away from cigarettes and, as they write, less-harmful e-cigarettes.

Iowa’s AG speaks up
The Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, gives his support to e-cigarettes in this December 23, 2015 press release.

Black market could make vaping dangerous
This US News and World Report article is concerned that tight FDA regulations could lead to a dangerous and deadly e-cigarette black market.

Electronic Cigarettes International Group
This website is the home of one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes.

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Infographic from the study
Some of the key findings from the above RPA study can be seen here (image).

Utilitarianism marketing
This 2014 article from addresses the trend to deliver your message while providing would-be customers with something useful.

Can E-cigarettes help smokers quit?
WebMD feature helps try to answer this question (video).

Just You and Blu
Film-like extended TV commercial that aired in 2016 (video).


Five ways the FDA regulations will change vaping
Motherboard writer Kaleigh Rogers shares how the new May 2016 rules will transform the vaping industry.

Handling difficult clients is part of the job
Column from IndustriBrand identifies the types of difficult client personalities and gives advice to deal with them.