Blagojevich Indicted on 16 Federal Felony Charges
CNN news report on the indictment of the Illinois governor.

Details of Prosecution Case against Blagojevich Revealed
This article documents the involvement of Blagojevich and his cronies in extortion and kickbacks.

Blagojevich, 5 Others Indicted
According to this news article, the former Illinois governor plotted with associates to exploit his political power for shared profit.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s Gamble of a Public Relations Blitz
The Chicago Tribune dissects the governor’s ultimately unsuccessful public relations campaign to clear his name.

Rod Blagojevich Signs Six-Figure Book Deal
News of the former Illinois governor’s contract to author a book about the political scandal that led to his removal from office.

Prosecutors Rap Blago Bid to Keep Evidence Sealed
Prosecutors in the case against Blagojevich indicate their displeasure with his publications relations spin campaign.

Rod Blagojevich Prepares for 14-Year Prison Sentence
News report on the aftermath of Blagojevich’s guilty verdict and Chicago’s history of political corruption.

Former Illinois Governor, His Brother, Two Former Top Aides, and Two Businessmen Indicted
FBI news release detailing the charges against former Illinois mayor Rod Blagojevich and others.

Blagojevich Charged With 16 Corruption Felonies
New York Times news report on the indictment of the Illinois governor.


Why Rod Blagojevich Should Expect a Stiff Sentence
A legal analyst offers three reasons Blagojevich’s activities merit a tough sentence, including his breach of public trust.

Public Relations Experts react to Blagojevich Impeachment Speech
A panel of analysts discuss the problems with Blagojevich’s efforts to fight the allegations against him.

There is no Christ in Chicago
A sarcastic look at the Blagojevich drama and its place in a Chicago political culture that is no stranger to corruption.

Cold comfort for Rod Blagojevich
This Chicago Times editorial opines that despite legal appeals against his sentence, Blagojevich’s criminal actions are indisputable.

Supreme Court to Blagojevich: Nothing to Talk About
The Chicago Tribune welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision to reject Blagojevich’s appeal.


Bill O’Reilly Interviews Rod Blagojevich on Former Illinois Governor’s Indictment
Following his indictment, Rod Blagojevich asserted his innocence on the Fox News program, O’Reilly Factor (video).

Blagojevich Pleads Innocent
Blagojevich declares he is not guilty of the charges against him and vows to clear to his name.

Rod Blagojevich on Larry King Live: “I’ve done nothing wrong”
In this clip from CNN’s Larry King Live, Blagojevich sticks to his guns about his innocence and asserts he will fight to the end for vindication (video).

Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice
The ex-Illinois governor used his appearance on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show to proclaim his innocence. (video)

Some Rod Blagojevich Convictions Tossed
The wife of the former Illinois governor, Patti Blagojevic, asserts her husband’s innocence after an appeal court overturns some of her husband’s convictions.

Former Gov. Blagojevich Breaks His 3-Year Silence From Prison
In a statement from prison, the former Illinois governor suggests the activities for which he was convicted were simply fundraising, not illegal behavior.

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Rod Blagojevich Biography
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Patti Blagojevich Eats a Tarantula, Nearly Drowns on Reality TV
While her husband is under trial, Rod Blagojevich’s wife appears on the NBC reality TV show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Robert Blagojevich tells His side in New Book
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The Publicity Agency
Website of the public relations agency led by Glenn Selig, the publicity guru who spearheaded Blagojevich’s media blitz.

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