Obama Volunteers Plan to Keep in Touch
How the Obama campaign maintained links with millions of supporters following the election victory.

Grass-Roots Reform Battle Tests Weary Obama Supporters
Obama campaign staff continue close engagement with supporters over the progress of the president’s political agenda.

How Obama Really Did It
An overview and analysis of the Obama campaign’s mastery of online and social media.

Sidestepping the Media with a Text
The announcement of Obama’s VP pick by Twitter signaled the overshadowing of the traditional press by new media channels.

The YouTube Presidency
This article discusses the artful use of video by the Obama team to shape the president’s public image, effectively taking that power away from mainstream media.

The Presidential Campaign on Social Media
A look at the role of social media during the 2012 presidential contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

How the Presidential Candidates Use the Web and Social Media
Results of a study comparing the use of online and social media by the 2012 Obama and Romney presidential campaigns.


From “Hope” to Spam: How Obama Lost the Digital Generation
An article about how Obama’s social media strategy has faded in effectiveness since his election to the presidency.

Obama Won the Election – Not Social Media
This article argues that Obama’s election victory should be attributed to his campaign, not necessarily the use of social media.

How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks’ Power
This New York Times article suggests that Obama’s social media success signals a post-party era and strengthens the hand of Big Brother.

President Obama: ‘I have never used Twitter’
Some supporters were disappointed by the revelation that the tweets they thought were coming from Barack Obama were actually from his surrogates.

The 10 Obama Policies and Failures That Make Us Angriest
A listing of areas in which Obama campaign supporters say the president has failed them.


President Obama Becomes First Politician to Reach 10 Million Twitter Followers
Obama’s social media presence continued to grow after the elections, setting a new record in 2011.

How Barack Obama Used New Media Technology to Win the White House
Amazon link and preview to a book that examines the Obama’s campaign’s mastery of new media.

Obama Twitter Town Hall
An event in partnership with Twitter that showed that social media can be used to engage in serious political discussions.

Three Reasons Obama on YouTube is better than a Press Conference
In the author’s view, Obama’s YouTube press conference allowed for greater variety in question, beyond the scope imposed by journalists.

Obama: Does He Pass the Social Media Test?
Mashable, a news web site and blog, gives Obama an “A-” for using social media effectively.

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Social Media: Enemy of the State or Power to the People?
The author of this article holds that social media is a tool for political liberation and empowerment.


United States Presidential Election of 2008
Background on the election and campaign that brought President Obama to power.

Yes We Can Music Video
Popular viral video on YouTube that helped rally support for Obama during the 2008 election (video).

Organizing for Action
A website that serves as a platform for engaging Obama supporters on a wide range of campaign issues and promises.

Lawrence Lessig
Background on the Stanford professor and Obama campaign internet policy advisor.

The White House
Official website of the president of the United States.

Gatekeeping Theory
The theoretical and practical implications of the news media’s gatekeeping role.