White House Page for Reach Higher Initiative
Official page for U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s higher education campaign.

NCAN Reach Higher Campaign Page
The National College Access Network’s involvement in the Reach Higher initiative.

What’s the First Lady’s New Public-Awareness Campaign All About? And Could It Work?
A group of experts discuss and evaluate the Better Make Room campaign.

Better Make Room Campaign Website
The online home of the Better Make Room initiative.

Twitter page for U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s #ReachHigher initiative.


Michelle Obama Launches Yet another Do-Nothing Initiative
The author of this article writes that the Reach Higher campaign is another in a list of failed initiatives introduced by the U.S. First lady.

FLOTUS Initiatives’ Big Business Ties
This article points to various commercial interests who may be benefiting from initiatives launched by the U.S. First Lady.

Healthier School Lunch Standards Mean “The Lunch Lady Is Now A Health Czar”
This report suggests that one of the U.S. First Lady’s initiatives, aimed at addressing childhood obesity, is an attempt to control Americans’ free choice (video).

Let’s Move? Fat Chance
This article argues that there is little evidence linking lower childhood obesity to the U.S. First Lady’s $4.5 billion Let’s Move campaign.

Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Agenda Faces Backlash
Food industry lobbyists, school nutritionists, and politicians challenge one of the First Lady’s school-based initiatives.


The First Lady on the Power of Education
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama champions education in one of her speeches (video)

Our 5 Favorite Reach Higher Moments of 2014
Highlights of the campaign from the White House

‘Better Make Room’ Campaign Shines Spotlight on Generation Z
This article highlights tweets by young people on the positive impact the campaign has had on them.

Michelle Obama Hits No. 1 on Billboard + Twitter Trending 140
The U.S. First Lady’s rap collaboration, “Go to College,” was a hit with her target group.

Tamar Braxton Says Michelle Obama Has Inspired Her to Go to College
The Grammy-nominated songstress credits the U.S. First Lady for the decision to finish college.

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Public campaign to educate Americans on the prevention of wildfires.

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Public campaign to get Americans to buckle up before driving.

PSA Central
The Ad Council website houses a large number of public service advertising (PSAs) on critical social issues.

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War Propaganda
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Michelle Obama in History
The website provides a comprehensive look at the life of U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (Video).

Civic Nation
A public engagement organization that was involved in the development of the Reach Higher initiative.

Lumina Foundation
A private foundation that partnered with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama in her Reach Higher initiative.

A video-sharing portal that partnered with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama to create and launch the Reach Higher initiative.

The digital marketing agency that partnered with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama to create and launch the Reach Higher initiative.

Virtue Theory
An overview of virtue ethics from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.