Tiger Woods Returns to Golf, Nike & Others Embrace Their Links
Some commercial sponsors maintain their ties to Woods following his return to golf after the revelations.

Timeline of Tiger Woods’ fall from Grace
The chronology of events related to the Woods scandal.

Tiger Comments on Current Events
Woods acknowledges some wrongdoing and demands privacy from media and public scrutiny.

New Questions about Tiger Woods Coverage
The authors offers an analysis of the Wood scandal from the perspectives of journalism, history, and ethics.

Tiger Woods Says, ‘I am So Sorry’ in Public Apology
The world-famous golfer’s televised mea culpa (video)

Tiger Woods Makes Public Apology in Ponte Vedra Beach
News report and analysis of Woods’ press conference apology.

American Writers to Boycott Tiger Woods Apology
The Golf Writers Association refused to cover Woods’ carefully managed press conference offering an apology for his actions.


Tiger Woods Apology Video Causes Mixed Critics
Why some are not buying the golf pro’s apology.

Tiger Woods Apology Too Stage-Managed, Experts Say
Critics say Woods did not help his case with his carefully orchestrated press conference.

Why Accenture Had To Drop Tiger Woods
A crisis management expert says keeping Woods as their spokesperson would have damaged Accenture’s brand.

Tiger Woods Scandal Cost Shareholders up to $12 Billion
This university study puts a costly price tag on the golf professional’s private indiscretions.

Nike’s Tiger Woods Ad Draws Critics
Some expressed displeasure with a quote taken to suggest that Woods’ marital infidelities had been erased by his victories on the course.


Tiger Woods Scandal Blurs Lines Over Fact and Fiction
According to this author, journalists allowed their judgment to be clouded in their coverage of Woods’ scandal.

How Media Mishandled Tiger Scandal
A sport analyst argues that that the media did not need to get into Tiger Woods bedroom (video).

Tiger Woods Scandal Takes Celebrity Coverage to New Level
This article suggests the journalistic interest in the Woods scandal borders on sensationalism.

Why Accenture’s Decision to Drop Tiger Woods Is a Bad One
This author argues that the consulting company’s decision to scrap its deal with Woods was a knee-jerk reaction.

Why Brands like Nike Stuck with Tiger Woods through His Scandal
This article highlights various qualities that continue to make Woods an attractive item for some commercial brands.

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