Blackfish Documentary
Learn about the movie that raised ethical questions about SeaWorld’s practices.

SeaWorld Parks
SeaWorld’s website, with information about their entertainment shows involving whales and a host of other animals.

SeaWorld Cares
A website launched by SeaWorld in response to criticism from PETA and the public about its treatment of marine mammals.

Twitter feed set up by SeaWorld to respond to questions from the public following the release of Blackfish.

Twitter feed set up by SeaWorld to promote the park’s claims that orcas in captivity are treated with care.

An Open Letter from SeaWorld’s Animal Advocates
Read the paid newspaper advertisement from SeaWorld in response to criticism about its practices.

SeaWorld of Hurt
Website of PETA’s highly successful campaign against the treatment of marine animals at Sea World.

SeaWorld Trainer Killed By Killer Whale
News report on the accident at SeaWorld that led to the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau.

Has Blackfish Changed Your Perception of SeaWorld?
Reader’s comments on the Orlando Business Journal’s website related to the newspaper’s poll on reactions to the Blackfish documentary.

Did SeaWorld Stuff Ballots for Blackfish Poll?
CNN reports on the Orlando Business Journal public opinion poll that showed a large number of pro-SeaWorld responses coming from one of the park’s computers.

Debate over Orcas Continues
CNN recounts the arguments on both sides of the SeaWorld crisis.

The Making of Blackfish
In this clip, Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite talks in-depth about the film (video).

SeaWorld on YouTube
SeaWorld’s official YouTube channel (video).


Crisis of the Week: SeaWorld Has a Whale of a Problem
Three crisis experts call into question the attempts by SeaWorld to evade the legitimate questions posed by the Blackfish documentary.

SeaWorld Crisis Management: The Textbook Case of What NOT To Do
A public relations expert blasts the way SeaWorld has dealt with the Blackfish crisis.

“Ask SeaWorld” Ad Campaign Draws Criticism
USA Today chronicles negative reaction to SeaWorld’s public relations campaign to stem off the Blackfish criticism.

Captivity Drives Killer Whales Crazy
An expert in human emotions argues that the stress of captivity is behind incidents of orcas killing trainers at SeaWorld.

Killer Controversy
This white paper documents research on the harm captivity causes to killer whales.


Blackfish Film Ignores SeaWorld’s Benefits to Conservation, Research
A SeaWorld employee defends the park, arguing that the Blackfish documentary overlooks the company’s contributions to science, conservation, and public education.

SeaWorld Defends Itself with Ads
Read about SeaWorld’s efforts to rebut the accusations that it mistreats killer whales.

Fact: Whales Live As Long at SeaWorld
SeaWorld veterinarian Dr. Chris Dodd challenges PETA’s claims about whales in captivity.

In Defence of SeaWorld
This blogger, with a background in marine biology, contends that the SeaWorld issue is not as black and white as it appears.

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