Inside a Twitter Robot Factory
The Wall Street Journal shines a light on the secret business of faked Twitter accounts, followers, and activities.

When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May Be Lurking
To ghost-tweet or not to ghost-tweet, that is the question.

Ghost Tweeters
From celebrity chefs to celebrity doctors, ghost-tweeting is becoming an online norm.

Ghosts in the Machine
From Barack Obama to Britney Spears, a look at celebrities and famous people who tweet…or so you think.

BP Fake Twitter Account
A spoof PR account purportedly communicating BP’s response to the Gulf oil spill quickly surpassed the company’s legitimate Twitter feed in followers.


The Twits Who Ruin Twitter
This Twitter purist is upset that the microblogging site is being corrupted by PR hacks and celebrities with poor microblogging netiquette.

Are Trump and Clinton Buying Fake Twitter Followers?
This article suggests the U.S. presidential contenders may be involved in dirty dealings to get the public to think they have large Twitter followings.

Why Buying Fake Twitter Followers is Always a Bad Idea
Five reasons not to do it.

GOP’s Fake Twitter Accounts Cross Line
This newspaper editorial gives the Connecticut Republican Party a “D” in ethics for impersonating the Twitter accounts of Democrat opponents.

La Russa, Twitter settle lawsuit
The baseball star filed a legal case against Twitter for allowing an impersonator to set up a parody account in his name.


Obama Twitter Town Hall
An event in partnership with Twitter that showed that social media can be used to engage in serious political discussions.

Does the CEO Actually Write His Own Tweets?
This author argues that busy leaders should not be expected to author everything that goes out in their name.

When it’s Okay to Ghost-Tweet
This article presents a scenario where ghost-tweeting, with a caveat, may be justifiable.

Whet it’s Okay to Ghost-Blog
This article suggests it’s acceptable to serve as a ghostwriter for a corporate blog.

Twitter Milestones
To mark Twitter’s 10th birthday, this article highlights accomplishments and significant moments in the history of the popular microblogging site.

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Information on the Baseball Hall of Famer who sued Twitter over an account set up by an impersonator.

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