Secretive Culture Led Toyota Astray
This article links the refusal to acknowledge problems with Toyota’s vehicles to cultural factors at the core of the Japanese company.

Regulators May Pursue More Fines against Toyota
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows increasing concern for goings-on at Toyota and gets ready to impose more fines on the automaker.

Toyota Faces $16.4 Million U.S. Fine for Waiting to Warn of Defect
As the problems at Toyota become evident, U.S. authorities consider issuing one of the largest fines against the Japanese automaker (video).

Toyota President Issues Rare Apology as Pressure Mounts
Akio Toyoda says he’s sorry for the safety issues, but does not accept full responsibility for the company’s failures.

Toyota Official Wrote ‘We Need to Come Clean’ in E-mail
Toyota’s internal communication revealed that some company officials advised against a continued cover-up of the pedal safety issue.


Why Toyota Has a Whisker across Its Bumper
One of the key scientists involved in pointing out flaws in Toyota’s pedal system challenges the company to focus on fixing a possible cause of the malfunction.

Lawmakers Cast Doubt on Report that Toyota Called Independent
Authorities accuse Toyota of tasking one of its paid consultants to produce a supposedly independent report on the safety of its cars.

Toyota had Attack Plan against Congressional Testimony
Critics point to documents showing that Toyota made efforts to discredit scientists who testified against the car maker.

Toyota Response to Complaints Takes on a Confrontational Tone
Critics accuse Toyota of using its so-called SMART teams to undermine claims that its vehicles are unsafe.

Toyota Pays Its $16.4 Million Fine over Pedals
The Japanese automaker is hit with the maximum civil penalty by the U.S. transportation department.

Toyota Is Fined $1.2 Billion for Concealing Safety Defects
After a four-year investigation, the U.S. Justice Department slaps its heftiest fine for auto safety violations on Toyota (video).


Is Toyota Positioning Media as Its “Villain”?
Toyota challenges an ABC News report on the recall, noting that it included extraneous and misleading footage from an unrelated auto safety test.

How Toyota Helped Digg Itself Out of Trouble
This article argues that Toyota made the right move when it decided to respond to customers’ question on Digg.

Toyota’s Crisis: Prism Into How Social Media Has Radicalized Public Relations
The author praises Toyota for having the courage to openly respond to tough questions from the public on the Toyota Conversations site.

Toyota Deals Get Customers Back To Showrooms
Customers and dealers express renewed confidence in Toyota as the company regains the market share lost in the wake of the pedal safety crisis.

“Tin Whiskers” and Other Discredited Unintended Acceleration Theories
A Toyota communication executive defends the automaker from continuing criticism of its vehicle electronics system.

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