Adult Obesity Facts
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides trends in obesity rates by nationality and socioeconomic status. There are also links to prevention strategies.

Obesity and Overweight fact sheet
The World Health Organization has defined distinctions between obesity and overweight and has identified health concerns related to excess weight.

Obesity at a Glance
The Endocrine Society developed this website to provide reporters information about endocrinology issues such as obesity. The site provides charts and a PDF download.

Obesity Epidemic
This website describes the obesity epidemic and ways to combat it.

Talking about Obesity
Taylor and Francis Online’s abstract of Kim and Willis’ 2007 article in the Journal of Health Communication on the news framing of who is responsible for causing and fixing the obesity problem.

Reporting risk, producing prejudice
This June 2014 article from Social Science and Medicine suggests our exposure to news reports on the obesity epidemic may shape an anti-fat prejudice.

The World is Fat
Author Dr. Barry Popkin talks about his 2008 book in this edition of the Profiles series (video).


Fed Up with Food Myths
This 2014 article from Will Coggin at the New Haven Register suggests that the Fed Up documentary film is one-sided and forgets that moderation and exercise are still keys to weight loss.

Food Addiction vs. Eating Addiction
This 2014 article presents the conflict between the food addiction movement and one scientist’s thought that there is no valid research to prove that certain foods have addictive properties.

Is the Obesity Epidemic Exaggerated? Yes.
In this 2008 article from, formerly the British Medical Journal, a point-counterpoint argument about the obesity epidemic is presented.

Does Capitalism make us Fat?
This June 2016 article from the Foundation for Economic Education says we need to go deeper into the obesity issue.

Tom Naughton’s Fat Head
This is the companion website to the film where Naughton finds fault with most of the conclusions of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me.


Association of Health Care Journalists
Home page of the organization seeking to provide resources for excellence in health care reporting.

The Obesity Society – fact sheets
This page provides fact sheet resources for reporters and the general public about how being overweight impacts health.

Too Young To Diet?
This 1994 article from reporter Chip Scanlan was posted to the Poynter website in 2003. It suggests that attitudes toward obesity must be addressed and changed.

The Media and Obesity
Wiley Online’s link to the 2007 article from Boyce published in the Obesity Reviews journal that analyzes how the media deal with obesity.

Curing Health and Medical Coverage
This 2000 article from the American Journalism Review discusses how reporters should more accurately report medical research findings.

Related Topics

Invisible Women, Silent Suffering
This essay examines the obesity epidemic in light of race and class issues concerning women.

NYC Mayor proposes ban on sugary drinks
CBS News report from May 2012 on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ban sodas larger than 16 ounces.

Healthy Diet Tips
This page provided by the Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco provides tips that can help children and adults manage their weight through nutrition.

Fat Head: The Director’s Cut
The follow-up to Tom Naughton’s 2009 film, updated in 2013 (video).

Rise in obesity among older adults increases burden on health system
This July 2016 article from Liz Seegert of Hunter College addresses concerns about baby boomers with weight-related chronic disease.


Child Obesity Rates Down; Who Gets the Credit?
This March 2014 article in Advertising Age says several factors may have helped in the decline of the obesity rate in 2-to-5-year-old children.

Rick Warren combats obesity with faith
The Wall Street Journal’s Alexandra Wolfe talks to the megachurch pastor in 2014 about his diet book, The Daniel Plan, written with two doctors.

Mark’s Daily Apple
Mark Sisson’s site is about what he calls Primal Living in the Modern World, offering several articles and resources to help people stay healthy and fit.

The Nutrition Transition
Dr. Barry Popkin’s book The World is Fat inspired this website from the University of North Carolina to address potential solutions.