A Plea for Caution from Russia
The New York Times op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin admonishing the U.S. for its Syria policy.

Selling the Message: How PR Firm Helped Place Controversial Putin Op-Ed
Background on international PR agency Ketchum and its work on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Meet the PR Firm That Helped Vladimir Putin Troll the Entire Country
Information on controversial public relations activities undertaken by Ketchum on behalf of both the Russian and U.S. governments.

U.S. Public-Relations Firm Helps Putin Make His Case to America
How Ketchum’s public relations and lobbying activities helped generate flattering coverage for Russia in Western media, including the selection of Putin as Time’s Person of the Year.

P.R. Firm for Putin’s Russia Now Walking a Fine Line
Ketchum (and other U.S.-based international agencies) are increasingly forced to balance their business interests with considerations for U.S. policy and humanitarian concerns.

Ketchum Calls It Quits on Russia Work
The controversial public relations agency ends its contract with the Russian Federation as relations between the former Soviet nation and the U.S. further deteriorate.

The Unravelling of Ketchum’s Russia Relationship
Analysis of the agency’s work on behalf of the Russian federation and reasons for the demise of the relationship.

Ketchum and Russia
The president of a leading association for senior public relations professionals offers his assessment of the Ketchum-Russia relationship.


Putin’s Message Is Hypocritical
Some New York Times readers accuse Putin of failing to practice what he preaches.

Russia Is Invested in Protecting Assad
Some New York Times readers challenge Putin’s views as biased.

Putin Spin Doctors Pitch Russian Pancakes, Ignore Ukraine
This article suggests that Ketchum’s PR campaign through ThinkRussia.Com seeks to whitewash the transgressions of Putin.

Don’t Trust Putin on Syria
The writer suggests that in spite of his pronouncements about Syria, Putin should be viewed as a bear in dove’s feathers.

Putting ‘A Plea for Caution’ in a New Context
According to this article, Putin lacks credibility on the international stage and should not be lecturing the U.S. from a higher moral ground.


Putin Is Right about Syria
Some New York Times readers side with Putin on his view of the Syria crisis.

American Exceptionalism Is Harmful Propaganda
Some New York Times readers side with Putin on his criticism of President Obama’s statement on U.S. exceptionalism.

5WPR CEO Torossian Salutes Ketchum for Brilliant Russian PR Work
A public relations expert lauds Ketchum’s success in placing Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times.

Should A Public Relations Firm Represent Russia?
This article argues that Ketchum’s work ultimately advances international relations and understanding and should be encouraged.

Person of the Year 2007
Time magazine named Vladimir Putin its 2007 Person of the Year, thanks to lobbying by Ketchum.

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Examples of successful PR and marketing campaigns to spruce up the image of various nations, with the goal of winning admiration and visitors from the international community.


Website of the public relations agency that helped place the Putin op-ed in the New York Times.

Vladimir Putin
Biography of the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin: At Home in Nature
A glowing profile of the Russian Leader published in Outdoor Life magazine, thanks to Ketchum’s media relations work on behalf of Putin.

The website employed by Ketchum to disseminate its public relations messages on behalf of Russia.

Syria News Roundup
News and commentaries on the Syrian crisis from the New York Times.

John Boehner Bio
Biography of the former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, one of the politicians who staunchly criticized the publication of the Putin op-ed.

Bob Menendez Bio
Biography of the United States senator, one of the politicians who staunchly criticized the publication of the Putin op-ed.

Arthur W. Page Society
Website of the prestigious association of top public relations professionals, whose president expressed support for Ketchum.

Calculating Consequences: The Utilitarian Approach
Strengths and weaknesses of utilitarian ethics.