Thank You for Smoking—The Movie
Background on the film satirizing Big Tobacco’s collusion with the public relations industry to filter the truth about cigarette’s health risks.

Thanks You for Smoking—The Novel
Link to the book on which the movie was based, authored by Christopher Buckley.

Interview with Christopher Buckley
An in-depth conversation with the author of Thank You for Smoking, the novel that inspired the movie (video).

American Rhetoric: Movie Speech
An excerpt from the movie, in which Nick Naylor testifies to senators about his work for the Academy of Tobacco Studies.

The Quiet Victory of the Cigarette Lobby
This 1965 article discusses the influence of the Big Tobacco lobby on the U.S. congress and its attempts to regulate the industry.


The U.S. Surgeon General’s 1964 Report on Smoking and Health
This crucial report from America’s top doctor dealt a death blow to the U.S. tobacco industry, playing a key role in shifting public attitudes.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s 2014 Report on the Health Consequences of Smoking
Fifty years after the first report pointing out the hazards of smoking, the U.S. Surgeon General highlights additional steps to reduce tobacco-related diseases and deaths.

CVS to stop selling cigarettes by Oct. 1
A leading U.S. drugstore chain announces it will no longer sell cigarettes because of its health risks (video).

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Should Quit Lobbying for Tobacco Abroad
The Washington Post calls for an end to the promotion of pro-tobacco policies on the international market.

The Heartland Institute and the Academy of Tobacco Studies
This blog post accuses the Heartland Institute of whitewashing smoking in a way that mirrors the tobacco studies academy satirized in the movie.

Tobacco Tactics
A website that monitors and exposes the tobacco industry’s international efforts to market its products in spite of health concerns.


In Defense of Smokers
An article that cites libertarian principles as a reason to protect smoker’s rights and challenges some of the claims made by opponents of smoking.

Smoke, Lies, and the Nanny State
The author argues that tobacco use has several benefits, including its use for relaxation, stimulation, treatment of various ailments, and for social and spiritual rituals.

The Anti-Smoking Bigots Should Butt Out
According to this writer, statistics that show smokers face increased likelihood of death is a weak argument because abstaining from cigarettes also fails to guarantee immorality.

The Tobacco Institute
Information on a now defunct organization that advanced the pro-smoking agenda in the U.S.

Cigarette Ads from the Past
A brief look at the history of tobacco advertising, from doctors touting the health benefits of cigarettes to the positioning of smoking as a symbol of women’s emancipation (video).

Related Topics

Is Big Tobacco Back as a Big Advertiser?
The rise of e-cigarettes is bringing new opportunities for the tobacco industry to promote its products to a younger generation.

Do We Really Need to Market Weed?
The move to legalize marijuana for recreational use is raising some of the questions and concerns that featured in the debates around tobacco marketing.

Public Relations in the Fast Food Industry
A comparison of PR activities on behalf of the fast food industry and earlier attempts by some public relations professionals to deny the health risks of smoking.

The DeSmogBlog Project
Writers on this blog seek to expose and challenge what they view as misinformation by public relations professionals working to deny the science of global warming.

Ethics of Alcohol Advertising
A look at legal and self-regulating mechanisms related to the promotion of alcohol in the U.S.


How a PR Firm Helped Establish America’s Cigarette Century
The role played by one of the world’s top public relations agencies, Hill & Knowlton, in propping up the U.S. tobacco industry.

John W. Hill Papers
An archive of documents that show the efforts by the Hill & Knowlton public relations agency to defend and promote the interests of U.S. tobacco companies.

WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
The World Health Organization has been rallying countries around the world to fight the dangers of smoking.

Obama Kicks His Smoking Habit
News that the U.S. president is no longer a smoker (video).