Sago Report Proposes Reforms
New report summarizing the findings from an independent probe into the Sago mine disaster.

Mine Disaster a Story of Private Pain Made Public
One CNN correspondent’s reflections on the Sago news coverage

Sago: The Anatomy of Reporting Gone Wrong
How news sources scrambled to correct their inaccurate reporting on the mine story.

Sago Mine Accident Report and Transcripts
Incident report from the West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health Safety and Training.

Sago Mine Information Single Source Page
A wealth of information on the tragedy from the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.


Report Blames Company, MSHA for Sago Blast
The union representing mine workers lays the blame for the Sago events on the company and regulators.

Report Criticizes Gap in Sago Rescue Info
A report commissioned by the governor’s office takes issue with the mining company’s communication processes.

Lack of Preparation Culprit in Mine Miscommunication
This article traces the mining company’s PR problems to a lack of in-house communication resources and inadequate planning before the disaster.

Mine Agency’s Dual Roles Draw Critics
An article about criticism towards The Mine Safety and Health Administration and the investigation into the Sago Mine tragedy.

Covering the Sago Mine Disaster
An analysis of the media coverage of the event and what went wrong.

Listeners Upset by Mine Disaster Coverage
NPR’s ombudsman critiques the media organization’s reporting and points out how and why it failed listeners.


Sago Mine CEO Defends Company
The mine company defends its safety record (video)

International Coal Group Says the Right Thing: We’re Sorry
A public relations professional commends the mine company’s executive for acknowledging their mistake.

Sago Mine: A Hard Lesson in Crisis Communications
The author gives the mine company good grades for its initial handling of the situation and suggests that the miscommunication about the miners’ safety was not malicious.

Sago Mine Tragedy seeks Angels
This blogger argues that the miscommunication was an honest mistake and that the company’s CEO showed genuine compassion and care.

Stepping Up to the Plate
This author absolves the media of blame because they were provided with false information by mine officials.

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Breaking News: Fast vs. Right and How the Media Continues to Adapt
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CNN Coverage Transcripts
Link to the online transcripts of Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the Sago saga.

Mine Safety Laws and Regulations
Industry safety regulations from the West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health Safety and Training

Arch Coal
Website of the company that purchased the International Coal Group, owners of the Sago Mine, in June 2011.

Accuracy in the Media
A watchdog organization dedicated to fairness and accuracy in the media.

Sustained Outrage
A PBS investigative report into the Sago tragedy.

United Mine Workers of America
Trade union that brings together mine workers in the U.S.