Feet First
The TOMS story and the inspiration behind the birth of the company.

Giving Sight
Background on TOMS’ charitable eyewear initiative that mirrors its shoes program.

TOMS Giving Report
The company account of its good deeds in 2013.

These Shoes Help Others Get a Step Up
CNN interview with TOMs founder Blake Mycoskie.

Beyond Buy-One-Give-One Retail
A look at the pros and cons of the model pioneered by TOMS.


TOMS Shoes Rethinks its ‘Buy One, Give One’ Model of Helping the Needy
This article discusses criticism that the TOMS model only addresses symptoms of a problem and may even displace local entrepreneurship.

Founder of TOMS ‘100% Agrees’ with One of the Biggest Criticisms of His Company
Discussion of the criticism that TOMS’ approach disrupts local markets and the company’s response to this claim.

Shopping for a Better World
This article observes that while TOMS’ approach has appeal on several levels, it is based on an unsustainable handout model and may be disconnected from local needs and conditions.

The Founder of TOMS on Reimagining the Company’s Mission
Blake Mycoskie self-reflects on how the company lost its way by drifting away from its purpose.

TOMS Shoes: A Closer Look
Some critics have chastised TOMS founder for his connections to evangelical Christian organizations and partners.


Secretary Clinton Presents Awards for Corporate Excellence
The U.S. Department of State recognized TOMS with the Secretary of State’s 2009 Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE).

Inside the Buy-One-Give-One Model
Research published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review showed that TOMS’ model holds much appeal for socially conscious business ventures and consumers.

Buy One Give One is here to Stay Thanks to TOMS
How TOMS’ success inspired a wide range of organizations to emulate its buy-one-give-one model.

The Rise of Storydoing: Inside the Staggering Success of Toms Shoes
This article traces TOMS’s success to the power of its founder’s story and the organization’s commitment to living out this narrative.

Giving Shoes with REAP: An Impact Study
A partnership with TOMS is helping deliver eye care to children in rural China.

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TOMS Website
The corporate website of TOMS

TOMS Coffee
An initiative that uses coffee purchases to fund clean water projects in various countries.

Water for People
The non-profit organization that partners with TOMS to provide safe water in developing countries.

TOMS Animal Initiative
The company’s partnership with National Geographic to save and protect endangered wildlife.

Blake Mycoskie
Profile of TOMS founder and ‘Chief Shoe Giver’ on LinkedIn

One Day without Shoes
Facebook page for TOMS’ annual drive aimed at raising awareness about the challenges faced by those unable to afford shoes.

Aristotle’s Ethics
Phronesis and other Aristotelian ethical concepts explained by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.