AP Votes NFL Domestic Violence Saga as Top Sports Story of the Year
The editors and news directors of the Associated Press rank the abuse scandal as the number one sports news item of 2014.

Domestic Violence at Forefront of NFL in 2014
Why America’s sports writers and editors voted domestic violence in the NHL as the top news story of the year.

A Timeline of the NFL’s and Ravens’ Reactions to Ray Rice Incident
Chronological account of the domestic abuse issue involving the NFL star (video).

NFL’s Roger Goodell Seeks to Right Past Wrongs
Steps by the NFL’s commissioner to tighten the league’s code of conduct after the tide of domestic abuse cases.

Report Card: Grading the NFL’s Progress on Domestic Violence
A journalist’s assessment of the league’s successes and failures in handling the domestic abuse scandals.

NFL Commissioner Goodell Visits Domestic Violence Hotline Headquarters in Texas
The NFL responds to the scandal by reaching out to one of the nation’s leading organizations working to support abuse victims.

The Team behind the N.F.L.’s ‘No More’ Campaign
Background on the organization that teamed up with the NFL to produce a series of videos aimed at promoting awareness and action on domestic violence (video).

NFL Sends Domestic Violence Video
The league’s public relations strategy included the distribution of a video to U.S. high school and college coaches urging them to act against domestic and sexual violence.


Handling of Ray Rice Case Puts Roger Goodell under Heightened Level of Scrutiny
How the NFL commissioner has faced and endured criticism over the years, including charges that he failed in his handling of the Rice issue.

In League Ruled by Fiat, Response Seen as Flailing
A New York Times analysis suggesting that the NFL’s response to domestic violence by players has been weak and inconsistent.

Against the NFL’s ‘Limousine Philanthropy’
The author suggests that the NFL has remained insulated from the struggles and pain of domestic abuse victims and needs lessons in real empathy.

Ray Rice’s Two-Game Suspension Makes Sense to No One but the NFL
Many fans of the NFL found the initial punishment meted out to Rice to be far too lenient.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell under Fire
Claims that Goodell’s words haven’t matched his deeds in his handling of the Ray Rice issue.


Ray Rice’s Wife Defends Husband, Criticizes NFL
The NFL player’s wife blames the media and the league for the couple’s nightmare and questions the fairness of Rice’s punishment.

I Like Ray Rice
A Baltimore Ravens executive extols the virtues of the disgraced NFL player and declares continued faith in him.

Domestic Violence and the NFL: What Impact Has the League Made?
This story credits the NFL with making some positive changes to transform player conduct and the league’s culture after the domestic abuse revelations.

NFL Critic Says Ray Rice Deserves a Second Chance
A sports journalist argues that it’s time to reinstate Rice because he appears to have learned from the experience.

Charles Barkley Defends Adrian Peterson’s Use of Corporal Punishment
The former NBA star suggests Peterson is no different from many black parents who practice spanking as a cultural norm.

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The official website of the National Football League.

Ray Rice Knocked Out Fiancee
Video that started the firestorm, showing the former Rutgers star hitting his girlfriend unconscious in an elevator.

No More
Website of the organization that teamed up with the NFL to combat domestic violence through a series of public service announcements.

Adrian Peterson Child Abuse
Background on the allegations against the NFL star for physically abusing his son.

National Domestic Violence Hotline
The U.S. organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse break free.

NFL Domestic Violence Video
The league sent out this video to school football coaches across the U.S. in an attempt to nip domestic and sexual violence in the bud (video).