Natural Born Heroes
A look at the making of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and a discussion of the movie’s treatment of the sensitive and controversial issue.

Pinned Under the Weight of Skyscrapers and History in ‘World Trade Center’
The New York Times review of Oliver Stone’s movie on the terror attack.

Oliver Stone’s ‘World Trade Center’ Seeks Truth in the Rubble
The New York Times highlights the historical research behind the movie.

World Trade Centre
An examination of the historical material and sources that Oliver Stone drew on for his movie.

An Interview with Oliver Stone, Nicholas Cage, and Other World Trade Center Actors
Stone and leading actors in the movie answer questions about the inspiration for the movie and playing the roles of the various characters.


World Trade Center Gets One Star Out of Five
A movie critic pans the movie for doing a disservice to the historical records and for terrible acting.

Oliver Stone Rewrites 9/11
A review that argues that the movie maker’s rendition of the terrorist attack spins a mythical tale of American heroism.

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center: A Crude and Dishonest Work
According to this reviewer, Stone’s approach to the movie is not apolitical as he claims, but rather politically unprincipled.

Roger Ebert Review
The author says Stone went too far in injecting Christian undertones into the storyline, portraying the marine who helped rescue the fire fighters as a pseudo-religious hero.

Stone Cold
This review takes the position that the movie sentimentalizes the events of September 11 and wonders if it was too early for a film delving into such raw emotions.


World Trade Center: The Movie
An eyewitness to the terror attacks commends the film for its representation of the event.

“World Trade Center”: A Masterpiece
A conservative critic of Stone praises him for producing a movie that brings Americans together in the face of tragedy.

‘World Trade Center’ is a World Class Movie
A conservative columnist heaps praise on the movie for celebrating American patriotism and championing pro-family and pro-faith values.

World Trade Center Review
This critic gives the movie four out of five stars and calls its Stone’s most optimistic film, in spite of its tragic theme.

Film Violence: Why it’s Worth Fighting For
The author concedes that violent films transform culture—for the better.

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