Al-Jazeera Homepage
English language home page of the controversial news organization.

Inside Al Jazeera
Imad Musa, online manager at Al-Jazeera Media Network, shared this operational summary with the 2015 Global Editors Network Summit (video).

Al Jazeera, The Pride of Qatar
History of the media organization originally published in The Times of India in October 2001. Includes references to its ties to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and its conflict with the United States.

What the Muslim World is Watching
This November 2001 article from the New York Times brings historical perspective to America’s awareness of Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera speaks English
San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jonathan Curiel writes in November 2006 about the launch of the network’s first English-speaking venture.

Al Jazeera in America
This 2013 Columbia Journalism Review article by Vivian Salana wonders if the network’s purchase of Current TV and decision to launch an American channel will lead to audiences.

Al Jazeera America to shut down
USA Today coverage of the decision by the American bureau of the organization to close operations on April 30, 2016.


The Al Jazeera Effect
Ashland University’s Robert Alt wrote this 2004 editorial, claiming that Al-Jazeera is the reason for much of the negative feelings in Iraq and that the news agency is distorting the truth.

Al Jazeera, Global Jihad & the Suicide of the West
Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media introduces journalist Lee Kaplan, as he speaks at the National Press Club on April 1, 2011 about Al Jazeera. Part 3 of 4 (video).

Al Jazeera admits editing interview
This Breitbart article in 2016 reports on how the network admitted to removing criticism of Mohammed from an interview with Tommy Robinson, an organizer of PEGIDA UK, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.

Al Jazeera America: Fresh Perspective or Biased Coverage?
The Independent Voter Project’s Glenn Davis tackles this question in a 2014 article after the launch of Al Jazeera America.

Al Jazeera losing battle for Independence
This 2013 article from Germany’s Der Spiegel claimed that several top journalists have left Al Jazeera due to a developing political agenda.


Exclusive To Al Jazeera – essay
Middle East media researcher Naomi Sakr wrote this companion essay in 2003 when PBS’ Wide Angle produced an episode about the channel.

Al Jazeera and The Net – Free Speech, But Don’t Say That
A 2003 criticism by a UK reporter of the resistance Al Jazeera faces in reporting their news.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV: The Power of Free Speech
This Middle East Intelligence Bulletin article from 2000 contends that the network is a positive example of free speech.

Al Jazeera Tells the Truth About War
The network’s senior editor, Faisal Bodal, claims in this 2003 piece that America does not like the station because it threatens American media control of the region.

Al Jazeera America is a lot like the old CNN
Ali Velshi left CNN for AJA and claims in this 2013 interview with the Huffington Post that the network is focused on the news, not so much on entertainment (video).

Related Topics

Control Room’ gripping look at Al-Jazeera
This NBC News report from 2004 discusses the documentary on Al Jazeera gives an in-depth look at the news organization.

Blame Al Jazeera
This May 2004 article claims that the Bush administration’s criticism of the network is focusing on the least of its problems.

Leaving CNN for Al Jazeera was a Risk Worth Taking
Ali Velshi wrote this reflection on LinkedIn after the demise of Al Jazeera America in 2016.

Bush Plot to Bomb His Arab Ally
This November 2005 Daily Mirror article claims that President George W. Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera’s station in Qatar, but was talked out of it by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Rather Timid, Considering the Circumstances
A 2004 article discussing the documentaries about Al Jazeera.


The Al Jazeera Effect
University of Nebraska Press page on a book referenced in Case 6 from Phillip Seib. It concerns the battle for hearts and minds in the Middle East and the TV network’s influence on them.

Deciding What Images to Show
A Summer 2003 article from Harvard’s Nieman Reports with comments from journalists concerning the question: if a fact is ugly, should it be kept at a distance from readers and viewers?

Arab World News
The latest headlines from around the Arab world from a variety of news sources.

Reporting Human Rights Issues
A detailed research paper by the International Council on Human Rights Policy about the difficulties involved in how journalists cover human rights stories.

Biased Reporting
One person’s opinion from the website explores biases in news sources and whether they really exist.