Background on the comic book and its title character, who is on a violent mission against the world of law enforcement.

Information on the Marvel Comics supervillain who leads a New York criminal organization and is reputed for violence and his ability to stay above the law.

Evil Ernie
A resource page on the Evil Ernie comic strip and character, a zombie villain with a mission to kill for love.

Heavy Metal Magazine
Website of the comic-magazine that specializes in a blend of fantasy and sexuality.

Justice League of America
Resource page for the world’s greatest team of comic superheroes.


Drawing on the Dark Side
A chronicle of the comic industry’s descent into decadence in the 80s, with titles and themes centered on violence and sex.

Why I Hate the Comics Industry
A critique of the violent cover of a Wonder Woman comic, which the writer blames for the failure to attract those interested in wholesome, family-friendly content.

11 Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Stories from the Comics Industry
The history of the comic book industry includes exploitation of creative talent, plagiarism, and prosecution for criminal obscenity.

Girls on Film: How Sexism is destroying the Comic Book Industry
Are comic books guilty of depicting women negatively? Yes, argues this author.

The Culture of Rape and Sexual Violence in Comics
This article renounces the fascination with rape in the comic industry culture.


How the Sickest Mind in Comic Books Became their Biggest Star
Nemesis author and comic book industry guru Mark Millar defends his controversial work and why it’s been well-received by fans.

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
An organization dedicated to defending the comics industry from censorship.

Scholar Finds Flaws in Work by Archenemy of Comics
In defence of comic books, recent research has revealed that claims the genre was responsible for juvenile delinquency may have been exaggerated and even fabricated.

Violent Media is good for Kids
Why the creative violence in comics such as the Incredible Hulk and Superman is good for your children’s sense of selfhood.

Comic Book Controversy is a Cautionary Tale
An interview with the author of a book that argues that although there were excesses in 1950s comic books, it was also a liberating medium for young people.

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A study by the American Psychological Association suggests a connection between video gaming and aggressive inclinations, though not necessarily with criminal behavior.

The Macabre in Classical Art
A look at major works of art that drew on themes of horror, death, blood, and gore.

Horror Manga
A look at titles focusing on horror in the popular Japanese comic tradition.

Gothic Fiction
A resource site on the history, evolution, content, and literary criticism of English Gothic literature, including works such as Frankenstein and Dracula.

Marquis de Sade
The life and thought of the infamous philosopher of sexual violence and moral licentiousness.


The Official Seduction of the Innocent Site
A compendium of resources on the book that railed against the excesses of the comic industry.

Comics Bogeyman
The life and times of the staunchest critics of the comic industry, Fredric Wertham.

R.I.P.: The Comics Code Authority
The body established in the 50s to self-regulate the comics industry finally expires from disuse.

A History of Comic Books
A short history of the American comic book industry.

A Brief History of Comic Book Censorship
Chronological developments in the fight against the comic genre.