‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Crosses $1B in Sales, Biggest Entertainment Launch in History
The popular video games sets a world record, beating out even major Hollywood blockbuster movies like The Avengers.

Parent Reviews of Fallout: New Vegas
Several parents provide their ratings and comments on the popular game.

Serenity now bombs a World of Warcraft Funeral
A WoW guild attacks the virtual funeral of an enemy guild member (video).

Eight Years in Azeroth
A World of Warcraft guild leader shares his memoirs, chronicling his experiences as a hard core gamer.

Video Games Do Affect Social Outcomes
A meta-analysis of research findings shows that violent games have an effect on those who play them.


Target: Withdraw Grand Theft Auto 5
The online petition urging Target to stop selling the game because of its sexual violence against women.

Why I Petitioned to Have Grand Theft Auto V Removed from Target
The woman behind the campaign shares her reasons for launching the effort and discloses threats she received from gamers.

Grand Theft Auto V and the Culture of Violence against Women
A writer in Huffington Post calls out the game for its depiction of women as sexual objects and disposable targets of male violence.

‘Sexually violent’ GTA 5 Banned from Australian Stores
Target and Kmart respond to public criticism of the game’s sexual violence against women by removing the titles from their stores.

Grand Theft Auto: How Male Avatars are ‘Virtually Raping’ Women
A report on the rise of so-called virtual rape in the world of video gaming.


In Defense of Video Games: More than Just an Entertaining Time Sink
Research that suggests video games relieve anxiety, teach new skills, and help you stay motivated. 

In Defense of Violent Video Games
A professor of psychology and video game researcher writes that while violent video games may temporarily lead to hostile sentiments, it’s a leap to link them to real-life violence.

Video Games Can Teach Important Skills
Why parents should let their children play video games, so long as they do so in moderation and the games have educational value.

The Play’s the Thing: In Defense of Video Games
This gaming aficionado explains why he prefers having his children engage in the simulated play of video games to real-life activities in the park, street, or woods.

Of Games and God: An Interview with Kevin Schut
A Christian media scholar suggests that there is much that is redemptive in video games, in spite of concerns by moral conservatists.

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Oculus Rift provides an innovative new way to immerse yourself not just in video games but in virtually anything and any place.

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Yes, real-life soldiers play games too, but the goal is to prepare them for real war.


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One of the world’s biggest developer of video games

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The website of one of the world’s top video game makers and the developer of the popular Xbox console.

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