Western Brands Win Piracy Suit in Beijing
Luxury brands including Chanel and Prada sue a Chinese mall owner under international copyright law and win.

France’s Louis Vuitton Sues Counterfeit Online Sellers in China
The French luxury designer has been a thorn in the flesh of China’s fashion piracy business.

15 years ago, Congress Kept Mickey Mouse Out of the Public Domain
Background on the decision to extend the expiry date on U.S. copyright law.

Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China
China’s copyright legislation from the World Intellectual Property Organization website.

Bootleg Nation: How Strict are China’s Copyright Laws
A quick comparison of copyright in China and the United States.


Michael Jordan Takes Copyright Infringement Case to China’s Supreme Court
Jordan’s lawyers argue that the Chinese sports apparel company “Qiaodan” is marketing its products using the basketball legend’s brand name and image.

China’s Music Industry Sings the Blues over New Copyright Rules
Opponents reject proposed legislation to limit copyright protection for some types of music to as little as three months.

China and Intellectual Property
A New York Times editorial calls out China for condoning intellectual property theft and demands a more aggressive international response.

Disney Sues Chinese Companies for Copyright Infringement
The U.S. company alleges a Chinese movie company stole ideas from Disney’s movie Cars.

Jaguar Files a Copyright Infringement Case in China
Jaguar claims China’s Landwind SUV is a knock-off of its Land Rover.


In China, Why Piracy Is Here To Stay
The author shows how intellectually property violations in China may be linked to a cultural rejection of individualism in favour of communal values.

Shanzhai China and its Contents
An article that paints China’s intellectual violation culture as a form of disruptive innovation that opens new markets.

Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Rebellion in China
How China’s copycat culture has become a showcase of the country’s ingenuity and—paradoxically—creativity.

A State of the Art of Shanzhai
Chinese imitators are improving products made by developing world manufacturers and adapting them for use and cheap sale in countries that can’t afford the original products.

Shanzhai’s Role in Innovation Strategy
What China’s industrial piracy system can teach the western world about business innovation and customer responsiveness.

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