Linda Lovelace: Inside the life of the ‘Deep Throat’ Star
A CNN feature examines the career of the adult movie actress and the movie that brought her infamy.

Early Review of Deep Throat
Famed movie critic Roger Ebert reviews the movie soon after its release

Deep Throat’: How the Controversial Linda Lovelace Movie Changed Culture
Commentary on the film’s impact on attitudes about sexuality and women’s liberation and how it helped spawn today’s porn industry.

Lovelace’s Life was a Modern Morality Tale
A discussion of how the actress was ostensibly manipulated by both pimps in the porn industry and feminists who rose to defend her.

The Afterlife of a Porn Star
Deep Throat co-star Harry Reems went on to a career in real estate but his reputation as America’s first male porn star remained.


Harry Reems, King of the Porno Actors, Finds Himself in Deep Throes
Reems faces prosecution after changes in U.S. law allow him to be charged for violating community standards.

The U.S. vs. Harry Reems
The Chicago Tribune’s coverage of the trial.

The Deep Throat Trial—A Slideshow
A pictorial account of the prosecution of Harry Reems (images)

The Meese Report
Movies like Deep Throat prompted action by the U.S. government, leading to the 1986 report of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.

Porn Star who Later Embraced Christianity Dies
One of the critics of Deep Throat was Harry Reems himself, the man who played a leading role in the movie and later renounced his past life after becoming a Christian.


Charge against ‘Deep Throat’ Limits Freedom, Reems Says
Harry Reems claims that the charges against him are an affront to civil liberties.

How Deep Throat Turned Reems into a Free-Speech Star
Several stars, including Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Sammy Davis Jr., viewed Reems’ prosecution as a slippery slope to muzzling creative freedom and rose to his defense.

Why the New Movie about ‘Deep Throat’ Could Be Important
This article suggests that the movie Deep Throat and the experiences of Lovelace provide a lesson to society on the destructive power of rape and sexual abuse.

Law Professor Will Present Appeal of ‘Deep Throat’ Obscenity Conviction
Famed attorney and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz led the appeal against Reems’ conviction.

Wild about Harry
A friend of Harry Reems paints a positive picture of the adult movie actor in this book.

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Linda Lovelace Biography
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Miller vs. California
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