BBC Superman Documentary
An examination of the Superman phenomenon, including interviews with the creators of the popular comic strip (video).

Federal Judge Affirms DC’s Ownership of Superboy
After years of legal wrangling, the courts rule that heirs to the Siegel estate can claim no rights to Superboy.

‘Superman’ Heirs Still Hope to Grab Back Rights
Recent attempts by the family of Superman’s creators to win back rights to the comic and movie character.

Warner Brothers Wins ‘Superman’ Copyright Case against Joe Shuster’s Heirs
A U.S. court denies claims for financial benefits by a relative of one of Superman’s authors.

Warner Bros. Wins Final Piece of ‘Superman’ Lawsuit
Details on the legal back-and-forth surrounding ownership of rights to Superman.


Alan Moore on the Plight of Superman’s Creators
A critic takes on the comics establishment for its mistreatment of creators like Siegel and Shuster.

Heirs of Superman Creators Wage Epic Battle With Warner Bros.
An account of how the Siegel and Shuster family is turning to the courts in an attempt to regain ownership of the superhero.

Marc Toberoff, Superman’s Lawyer
The story of a man who has waged an unrelenting war to reclaim the rights to Superman for the Shuster and Sigel families.

Ruling Gives Heirs a Share of Superman Copyright
The family of one of the creators of Superman wins back copyrights after a legal battle.


Superman at 75: Were Cleveland’s Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster Really That Innocent?
The author blames the two Superman creators for some of their misfortunes and argues their original contracts were actually lucrative.

Superman’s Co-Creator Again Denied Attempt to Win Back Rights
A U.S. court sides with DC Comics and Warner Brothers in the battle for Superman ownership.

Warner Bros Wins Superman Copyright Battle As Heirs Denied Rehearing
A U.S. appeals court refuses to re-hear an earlier ruling that sided with DC Comics and Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers’ Super Victory
The decision by the U.S. Supreme Court not to intervene in the Superman ownership case effectively granted a final victory to DC Comics.

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