‘Lost’ Finale Finds a Base, But Not Too Many Others
This article suggests the relatively lower viewership of the show’s finale may be the result of audience fragmentation due to increased programming choices.

Lost Series Finale Somehow Only the 55th Most-Watched Ever
A comparison of the show’s finale ratings with that of other popular shows.

Lost and Found Theology
The author reviews the series’ metaphysical questions in a Christian context.

Making Up for Lost Time
This piece examines the problems that mythology-saturated shows like Lost have to overcome to stay on television.

Redeeming Lost
An examination of the similarities between Lost and C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce.


In ‘Lost,’ Mythology Trumps Mystery
This New York Times writes argues the only good season of Lost was its first.

Why I hated ‘Lost’
The author voices skepticism of the show’s importance on television drama programming and society.

‘Lost’ Finale Disappoints Reviewers
Fans and critics blasted the concluding episode for leaving much of the show’s puzzles and questions unsolved.

The Four Reasons Lost Will Go Down in History as a Bad TV Show
An article that provides four reason for Lost’s failure and accuses the show of bad storytelling masquerading as artful mystery.

A Disappointed Fan Is Still a Fan
The view that Lost did a good job seducing fans but ultimately betrayed them with unfathomable plot twists and meaningless clues.


Preparing for Life After Lost
This article reviews the Lost series as an impetus for viewers to reflect on eternal questions.

Can a TV Show Promote Critical Thinking?
This article responds “yes” and argues that the Lost TV show does just that.

‘Lost’ Is the Most Important Show of the Decade
This NPR article credits the series with addressing some of life’s perplexing questions.

Lost Reviews on
Viewers of the show give it an average rating of 9.1 out of 10.

Lost in Lost’s Critical Culture: A Response to The New York Times
A viewer defends Lost’s fan base from criticisms of blind allegiance to the show.

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