Interview with Oliver Stone
This interview presents insight into Stone’s view and portrayal of Nixon in the film (video).

Stone’s Nixon Is a Blend of Demonic and Tragic
A New York Times article that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Nixon movie and the goal to present Nixon as both human and flawed.

Oliver Stone Finds the Humanity in Nixon
In this interview with the famed Roger Ebert, Oliver Stone discusses his approach to the movie and how it invokes both empathy and criticism for the U.S. president.

Had He Ever Been Loved
An analysis of the portrayal of Richard Nixon in Oliver Stone’s movie, based on the perspective that the controversial president’s rise and fall was rooted in an insatiable quest to be loved.

According to Oliver Stone, Nixon’s Corruption Cut Deeper than Watergate
This reviewer suggests that the Nixon movie attempts to provide a glimpse into the corruption of the title character’s soul as much it provides a critique of his politics.


New Tapes Debunk Oliver Stone’s Nixon
White House tapes released after the Nixon movie suggest the discredited U.S. president may not have been complicit in the assassination of Kennedy, as intimated in Oliver Stone’s movie.

Nixon: Oliver Stone’s Tricky Dicky Flick
This reviewer gives the movie a grade C for historical accuracy and suggests it could have been a decent opera instead, with a few songs.

Rolling Stone Review
This critic suggests that the Nixon movie is an ahistorical psychodrama that takes as much liberty with the truth as the man it portrays.

Nixon, Stone, and Me
A former Nixon aide argues that the Oliver Stone movie fails to provide a historical explanation of the controversial U.S. president and his White House administration.

When History Is Up for Grabs
Charles Colson argues that the Oliver Stone docudrama falsely demonizes Nixon and is guilty of historical manipulation for ideological ends.


Roger Ebert Review
Oliver Stone’s Nixon gets 4 out of 4 stars in this flattering review by Roger Ebert, who describes it as one of the best films of the year.

Oliver Stone Discusses His film Nixon
The filmmaker reveals his views on the title character of the movie and defends the film’s treatment of historical records in this interview with a French publication.

Critic’s Ploy to Review ‘Nixon’ Is the Only Dirty Trick
Two co-writers of the Nixon docudrama defend the work against critics who suggest it’s an attempt to smear the Nixon presidency.

Rotten Tomatoes Reviews of Nixon
The online movie review site gives Oliver Stone’s docudrama a score of 75 percent, based on the opinions of critics.

Slant Magazine Review of Nixon
This reviewer gives Stone’s movie 3.5 out of 4 stars for its treatment of Nixon’s life and presidency.

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The Oliver Stone Experience
The official website of the movie maker and producer.

Nixon Movie Original Theatrical Trailer
The Oliver Stone was promoted in theatres with a dramatic movie trailer with lead actor Anthony Hopkins as the centerpiece (video)

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The White House website archive provides this biography of Nixon.

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IMDb on Nixon
Background and resources on the Oliver Stone Nixon docudrama from the popular movie database site, which gives it a rating of 7.1 out of 10.

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