Lord of the “Hotel” Flies
In this Salon interview, contestant Dave Kerpen gives readers a glimpse of life in paradise—or hell.

A Life Lesson from Reality TV
A former Paradise Hotel contestant says participating in the show brought regrets as well as life lessons.

Drink Up. It’s Not like You Have Lines to Learn
According to this New York Times article, contestants on shows like Paradise Hotel were encouraged to engage in excessive drinking to get them to let down their guard during filming.

Paradise Hotel News
News and commentary on the reality TV show from a site dedicated to fans of the program.

Paradise Hotel in IMDb
Background on the reality TV show from the popular movie database site.


TV Contestants: Tired, Tipsy and Pushed to Brink
Many reality show productions operate like a sweatshop, with contestants subjected to financial exploitation, loss of physical freedom, and psycho-emotional manipulation.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Reality Meltdown
Panelists on Larry King Live discuss the stresses placed on the reality TV couple’s marriage and family life from the constant gaze of television cameras.

Reality TV Stars Often Suffer Enduring Trauma
A psychologist discusses some of the emotional challenges that reality television contestants often face due to the penetrating public exposure and humiliation they may experience.

High Suicide Rate among Reality TV Contestants
Several reality TV contestants have ended their own lives, raising questions about the psychological state of those recruited for these shows.

The Consequences of Children on Reality TV
This author argues that anecdotal evidence suggests it is harmful to feature children on reality TV shows.


The Case for Reality TV: What the Snobs Don’t Understand
This article argues that the genre has reinvigorated scripted TV through bold social experiments and by tackling tough issues of class, sex, race and gender that traditional programs avoid.

Confessions of a Reality TV Star
A former reality TV show participant shares her positive experience and argues that the programs can make a positive contribution.

Motivations for Viewing Reality TV
Reality television provides viewers with uses and gratifications including entertainment, mood enhancement, a way to pass time, and vicarious participation.

In Defense of Reality TV
A number of players in the reality TV industry defend their craft in this CNN news report.

Why the Worst Reality TV Is Arguably the Best
An unflinching ode to reality TV trash, which serves catharsis on a couch and dispenses healthy nourishment to the id.

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Common Sense Media Review
A review website describes Paradise Hotel as a sex-driven voyeuristic show with sleazy content and no real dialogue.

Lost in Paradise: Paradise Hotel and the Showcase of Shamelessness
This scholarly article examines the show in light of a post-modern quest to live beyond shame but cautions that contestants may not actually be able to realize this.

Reality Check
This article discusses research on why audiences watch reality television and what makes the “humilitainment” it offers attractive to some.

The Reality Principle
An in-depth look at the evolution of the genre, from its identification as a new art form by Margaret Mead to the modern reality television show.