The Unabomber Case
A Washington Post Special Report website giving background, documents, and other information on the Unabomber case.

The Manifesto
Direct link to the Manifesto from the same Washington Post website.

Theodore Kaczynski
Biographical information from the Crime Museum on the man known as the Unabomber.

Interview With Ted Kaczynski
The website presents the text of a 1999 interview with Kaczynski from prison.

Unabomber Manuscript Is Published
The Washington Post’s September 19, 1995 article about the decision to publish the Unabomber’s Manifesto.

$1 Million Paid to Unabomber Kin
The Chicago Tribune reports on the government paying the Unabomber tip reward to his brother, David Kaczynski.

Unabomber Gets Book Deal to Tell His Story
The Los Angeles Times reports on the February 1999 deal between Kaczynski and Context Media.

Unabomber’s Letter
This is the text of the Unabomber’s letter to the New York Times from the Lectric Law Library.


The Post, The Times, and the Unabomber
Poynter’s Keith Woods examines the ethical dilemma that faced the Post and Times and some steps for solving this kind of problem.

Unabomber Case Holds Lessons for All Journalists
Woods looks at some of the lessons that can be learned from the Unabomber Manifesto situation. A balanced look at the issues.

Did The Unabomber Decision Set a Precedent?
NYU’s Christopher Harper writes for the American Journalism Review about the potential precedent set by this case.

Defying Critics to Publish the Manifesto
A link to a 1995 article by Joseph Campbell shares how the newspapers went against the grain by publishing Kaczynski’s Manifesto.

Manifesto Poses Ethical Dilemma for Two Newspapers
Examines the ethical dilemma that faced the two papers without passing too much judgment on either side of the argument.


FBI Praises Newspapers for Printing
The Los Angeles Times reports on the FBI response to the decision to publish the Manifesto.

Statement by Papers’ Publishers
Statement given by New York Times and Washington Post publishers about the decision to publish the Manifesto.

Unabomber’s Manifesto Makes for Good Reading
This opinion piece from MIT’s The Tech presents a case for the Manifesto being an interesting piece of literature.

Times, Post, Publish Unabomber Manuscript
A CNN article saying there was benefit in publishing the Manifesto.

Is There Method in His Madness?
This article from The Nation in September 1995 evaluates the Manifesto as the decision to publish was being considered.

Related Topics

The Unabomber letters show he hasn’t changed much
This January 2016 story is a special report from Yahoo News. It summarizes their time going through Kaczynski’s archival letters on the 20th anniversary of his arrest.

Act Honorably
Poynter’s Bill Mitchell looks at newsroom ethics and everyday decisions about what to report or publish in this 2002 piece.

Unabomber Case Study: Giving a Killer a Voice
The Newseum website provides an educational case study about the Kaczynski case and the ethics of publishing the manifesto.

Where are They Now? – David Kaczynski
Oprah Winfrey interviews the Unabomber’s brother on the 20th anniversary of Ted’s arrest (video).

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber
Alston Chase writes for The Atlantic in 2000 about how Ted Kaczynski’s anti-technological despair may have started in this college days.


My brother, the Unabomber
David Kaczynski talks to The Guardian about his decision to inform on his brother and why he still loves him.

Ted responds to David through news media
CBS News reports in May 2016 on how Ted wants to tell his story and attacks his brother David’s comments (video).

Should We Link To The Unabomber?
One scholar’s view of the decision to use web links to the Unabomber.

The Unabomber’s Victims
This New York Times April 1996 article profiles a few of the victims of Ted Kaczynski’s 18 years of terror.

More Journalists comment on decision
This Albion Monitor article in 1995 summarizes more of the split between journalists on the decision to publish the Manifesto.