Denzel Washington Fought To Change the Ending of Training Day
Revelations that in the original screenplay, the corrupt cop played by Washington survives, but is killed off in the actual movie at the insistence of the actor (video).

Denzel Washington Remembers ‘Malcom X’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’
The Hollywood star shares his views on the intersection of movies and morality in this transcribed NPR radio interview (with audio).

The GQA: Denzel Washington
Washington speaks to Gentlemen’s Quarterly about his life and family upbringing, his acting, and his commitments as a person of faith.

Oprah Talks to Denzel Washington
An interview that includes discussion of Washington’s spirituality, which he describes as a permeating influence over all of his life.

Training Day on IMDb
Background and resources on the Oscar-Winning performance of Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day.


Who Cares If Denzel Washington is a Christian?
This article cautions against idolizing Christian celebrities like Washington over the actions of ordinary people of faith.

8 Reasons Why ‘Training Day’ is a Bad MovieA critic cites several problems with the movie, including claims that it has a weak lead character, an unimpressive storyline, and lacks ethical depth.

Stories Don’t Need Morals or Messages
A challenge to the idea that works of art (books or movies) should convey some morally grounded message about life, which the author suggests is a throw-back to Puritanism.

Common Sense Media Review
This review ranks Training Day as high in violence and coarse language and notes that is laden with drinking and scenes involving drugs that make it unfit for family viewing.

‘The Book of Eli’ Slanders a Great Religion
A conservative critic denounces what she sees as Washington’s negative portraiture of evangelical Christianity as violent and fundamentalist.


Denzel Washington Wins Best Actor: 2002 Oscars
YouTube video that shows the Hollywood star accepting a Best Actor award for his role in the movie.

Keeping the Faith
A Christianity Today profile of Washington presents the Hollywood actor as a dedicated Christian who views the cinema stage as pulpit of sorts.

Roger Ebert Review
The famed movie critic awards Training Day three out of four stars, although he concedes that the movie may have drifted towards the implausible in its concluding action.

Good Film, Bad Cop: Denzel Is Arresting In ‘Training Day’
Although this review points to some weaknesses in the movie, it argues that Washington puts on the performance of the year.

Training Day on Rotten Tomatoes
The Rotten Tomatoes movie review site shows both critics and the audience hold a favourable opinion of Training Day.

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I am a Christian and I hate Christian Movies
The author suggests that movies with a Christian message often lack imagination and don’t qualify as good art.

Denzel and Pauletta Washington on Faith and Marriage
The Hollywood couple talk about their beliefs and the views of marriage in this clip (video).

Denzel Washington Voted As Preferred Actor to Play Jesus Christ
The Hollywood actor beat out several stars in an online poll to select the ideal person for the role.

The Legion of Decency
Background on the Catholic organization that exerted a strong censoring influence on Hollywood in the 1930s.