‘South Park’ Episode Altered After Muslim Group’s Warning
A New York Times report on the controversial 200th episode of the show involving the depiction of the prophet Mohammad as a bear.

Compilation of Memorable—Make that Controversial—Episodes of South Park
Here are the 15 most controversial moments in the history of South Park, according to this reviewer.

South Park: The Most Dangerous Show on Television?
Why South Park is paradoxically both the most revulsive and the most socio-politically acute comedy to hit the television screen.

South Park vs. Islamists
CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviews Ayaan Ali, who co-wrote the script for the documentary Submission, on the threat or warning directed at the creators of South Park.

South Park Online Home
The official website for the show, featuring trivia, fan information, a blog, and links to past episodes of the television comedy.


Muslims Warn South Park after Mohammed Joke
A U.S. Islamic website issues a statement that the creators of South Park may be putting their lives at risk for ridiculing the prophet.

Five Times ‘South Park’ Was More Offensive Than Charlie Hebdo
An article that points to episodes of the show that have been even more insensitive than the cartoons of the controversial French magazine.

Hayes Leaves ‘Bigoted’ South Park
Soul musician Isaac Hayes, one of the voices on South Park since its launch, ended his contract following an episode criticising Scientology, describing the show as bigoted and intolerant.

Virgin Mary Defiled on South Park
The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights expressed its disapproval of the Bloody Mary episode of South Park for its obscene and vulgar representation of the Virgin and Pope.

Yelp Sues South Park for $10 Million over Latest Episode
The ratings site files for libel damages after being satirized by the animation show.


Matt Stone and Trey Parker on David Letterman
The creators of South Park promote their craft and edgy cartoon in this interview with the leading talk show host.

Is South Park too Offensive?
In this discussion on Debate.Org, those who thought the show was acceptable carry the day.

South Park: Progressive or Offensive?
While this author finds the show offensive, she argues that it deserves credit for tackling themes that lead to dialogue and help break down social barriers.

‘South Park’s’ Road Map to American Cultural Controversies Hits New Heights
The show earns kudos from this reviewer for fearlessly tackling topics as wide-ranging as terrorism, global warming, trans issues, steroids in sports, and gentrification.

How South Park Pokes Fun at Political Correctness without Being Dismissive
South Park, according to this article, has developed a unique approach that makes its outrageous lampoons difficult to contest even by those who oppose it.

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