Is Ice T’s Cop Killer Legal?
Background on the furore resulting from the release of the song by rapper Ice-T, culminating in the artist’s decision to withdraw it from the album.

Ice-T Pulls ‘Cop Killer’ Off the Market
Citing the need to protect Time Warner’s employees, Ice-T asks the record company to re-issue the album with the offensive track removed.

Daryl Gates Downfall
The rise and legacy of Daryl Gates, the L.A/ Police Chief who in the eyes of musical critics like Ice-T represented oppressive and racist policing.

The L.A. Riots
A Time magazine retrospective on the rioting that engulfed Los Angeles after the police beating of Rodney King.

Ice-T, From ‘Cop Killer’ To ‘Law & Order’
A profile of the man born as Tracy Marrow, including discussion of his experiences of racism as a child and how these events have influenced his music (audio).


Police Set Sights on Song
Groups calling for Time Warner to nix Ice-T’s feisty song included the Fraternal Order of Police, whose president suggested that the lyrics were a call for police executions.

Off-Duty Officers Wear Badges of Protest for Ice-T Concert
Chicago police officers gathered at an Ice-T concert to register their opposition to the message in his songs.

Quayle Raps Rapper’s ‘Cop Killer, Calls Ice T’s Recording ‘Outrageous’
The U.S. vice-president at the time, Dan Quayle, added his voice to calls for Time Warner to axe the controversial record.

Charlton Heston vs. Ice-T’s Cop Killer and Time Warner
Heston explains how he took his opposition to Ice-T’s music to a Time Warner shareholders meeting and publicly read selected lyrics to the squirming audience.

How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back
The author argues that by veering from its fun, party origins in songs like “Rapper’s Delight” to a violent and vulgar soundtrack, the genre ends us perpetuating negative black stereotypes.


The Rolling Stone Interview: Ice-T
The musician argues that ‘Cop Killer’ presents a progressive message of anger against police brutality and reveals the urgings of a psychopath, not a call to murder.

The Disappearance of Ice-T’s ‘Cop Killer’
A New York Times writer argues that the pressure imposed on the musician to self-censor his controversial song sets a dangerous precedent for free artistic expression.

The Cop Killer Controversy
Ice-T, who ironically went on to play a cop on the TV show Law and Order, reflects on the ‘Cop Killer’ controversy and insists that his lyrics were misunderstood.

Ice-T Talks ‘Law & Order’ and Body Count
The gangsta rap pioneer compares the musical style of “Cop Killer” to fictional role-playing by recording artists and filmmakers who use their craft to portray a particular culture or lifestyle.

If Ice-T Sang Folk Instead of Rap, Might He Take Less Heat?
In the opinion of this writer, opposition to “Cop Killer” was driven more by the color of Ice-T’s music than its lyrics.

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Gangsta Rap
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Cop Out? The Media, “Cop Killer,” and the Deracialization of Black Rage
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