WikiLeaks Website
Home page of the website that is the subject of much controversy.

Julian Assange with Stephen Colbert
In this April 2010 interview, the director of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, defends the decision to expose the Apache helicopter attack on WikiLeaks. Contains profanity.

Reporter’s View: How The WikiLeaks Story Developed
New York Times reporter Mark Mazzetti sifted through 92,000 secret military documents leaked by WikiLeaks then described how the Times verified the information and chose what to publish. Link to NPR audio is also available at this link.

Assange speaks in 2015
A 2015 interview by the German publication Der Spiegel with Julian Assange about the return of WikiLeaks to the headlines with the release of more U.S. classified documents.

U.S. Military Confirms Video
This report from reacts to the 2010 military confirmation of the authenticity of video released by WikiLeaks.

A Wiki for Whistle-Blowers
A 2007 Time magazine article describing the WikiLeaks website when it was first being organized.

Iraq Video Brings Notice to a Web Site
A New York Times April 2010 description of the Iraq bombing and WikiLeaks’ rise in popularity.


Gates Assails Internet Group over Attack Video
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticizes WikiLeaks for releasing the Iraq attack video.

WikiLeaks and Untraceable Document Disclosure
Secrecy News wrote in 2007 about its concern about the lack of accountable editorial oversight of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks – Whistleblowing Made Easy
This September 2007 article from The Guardian questions the reliability and wisdom of WikiLeaks.

Rights Groups join Criticism of WikiLeaks
The Wall Street Journal reports in August 2010 about a group of human-rights organizations pressing WikiLeaks to do a better job of redacting names from documents.

Dealing with Assange and the WikiLeaks Secrets
The New York Times Magazine’s Bill Keller wrote this detailed piece about the newspaper’s dealings with Assange over a six-month period from June 2010 to January 2011.


WikiLeaks Iraq Shooting Video Analysis
An analysis from The Young Turks YouTube channel of the Iraq shooting with footage from WikiLeaks (video).

We’re Going to Crack the World Open
The Taylor & Francis abstract of Lisa Lynch’s 2010 article in Journalism Practice that describes WikiLeaks and the future of investigative reporting.

What WikiLeaks Means for Journalism and Whistle-Blowers
Poynter’s Alexander Hotz wrote this February 2010 article presenting WikiLeaks as an important tool for journalists.

The War on WikiLeaks and Why it Matters
This March 2010 article strongly advocates WikiLeaks and how it reveals government secrets.

What Would Daniel Ellsberg do with the Pentagon Papers Today?
The New York Times describes 1971 whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg’s approval of WikiLeaks and what it is accomplishing.

Justice for Assange
This website was created to bring awareness to the legal battles of the WikiLeaks founder, currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He faces allegations of sexual misconduct in Sweden.

Related Topics

The BBC Profile: Julian Assange
Updated in February 2016, this profile summarizes the life of the WikiLeaks founder.

The Fifth Estate movie trailer
Trailer from the 2013 film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange (video).

Judge Reverses Ruling in Julius Baer Leak Case
WikiLeaks wins a 2008 court case after publishing private bank information about a Swiss company’s tax evasion.

Chelsea Manning’s story
This website, called Free Chelsea Manning, focuses on the former U.S. Army transgender whistleblower, who gave information to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder
Ethan McCord, a U.S. soldier on the ground in the WikiLeaks video gives his perspective on the incident (video).

Iraqis Hope WikiLeaks Will Shed Light on Brutal Past
Link to NPR story from 2010, also with audio link, asking if WikiLeaks documents will give answers to Iraqi questions without negative repercussions.

Piecing Together the Reports, and Deciding What to Publish
Describes how The New York Times determined the credibility of the war logs released by WikiLeaks.


Huffington Post Fund
An online innovator of investigative reporting by merging the classic watchdog function and traditional values of the press with the best tools of new media. – Journalism in the Public Interest
An investigative news website that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.

A Coming Chill over Internet Freedom?
This 2008 Time magazine article wondered if internet freedom will be curtailed because of WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks: News in the Networked Era
Wiley’s link to the description of the book by Charlie Beckett and James Ball published in 2012 and referenced in Case 9.

SPJ Position Paper: Anonymous Sources
The Society of Professional Journalists resource page on the use of anonymous sources.