1953-1957: The Pennsylvania State University, B.A. in Advertising, cum laude.
1961-1965: The Pennsylvania State University, M.A. in Journalism
1965-1971: The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. in Sociology.
Muzafer Sherif, adviser.
September, 1961 – August, 1971 – Instructor in Advertising (full-time), The Pennsylvania State University.
(With exception of *.)
*June, 1969 – June, 1970 – Public Health Service Fellow at Penn State.
September, 1971 – August, 1972 – Assistant Professor of Advertising, University of Illinois.
September, 1972 – August, 1978 – Associate Professor of Advertising, University of Illinois.
August, 1978 – Present – Professor of Advertising, University of Illinois.
1980-1983 – Associate Dean, College of Communications , University of Illinois.
August, 1983 – August, 1992 – Head, Department of Advertising, University of Illinois.
August, 1983 – Present – Research Professor, Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois.
August, 1983 – August, 1992 – Director of the James Webb Young Fund at the University of Illinois.
June, 1992 – August, 1992 – Director of The Cummings Center for Advertising Studies at the University of Illinois.
August, 1992 – Present – Dean, College of Communications, University of Illinois.


June, 1957 – August, 1961 – Television/Radio Account Executive with Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH.
Summer, 1964 – Faculty intern with the Chilton Company, Philadelphia, PA.
Summer, 1966 – Announcer with NBC-affiliate WMAJ in State College, PA.
September, 1961 – December, 1971 – Advertising consultant to:
The People’s National Bank
Applied Sciences, Inc.
The Pennsylvania Book Shop
The Pennsylvania State University Artist and Lecture Series.
1980 – 1983 – Consultant to:
AZ-Visycom Co., Ltd., Japan
Dri-All, Inc.
Balbach & Fehr, P.C.
1983-1988 – Consultant to:
Market Place National Bank
Mercy Hospital
April, 1982 – 1983 – Columnist for Advertising Age.
January, 1990 – Co-authored major report for Merrill Lynch.


American Academy of Advertising. Elected to Publications Board. Elected President, 1991, named Fellow of the Academy, 1996.
Elected to Board of Directors of American Advertising Foundation, 1992.
Elected to National Advertising Review Board, 1995.
Illinois Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Lay Representative


Charter member and first president of Penn State chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha, national journalism honorary. Former faculty adviser to Illinois chapter.
Charter member Penn State Chapter of Rho Tau Sigma, broadcasting honorary.
Member of Alpha Kappa Delta, sociology honorary.
Member of Phi Kappa Phi, scholastic honorary.


Courses taught (last five years):
Advertising in Contemporary Society (senior/graduate)
Media Ethics – junior instructor with Cliff Christians – (undergraduate & graduate)
Foundations of Advertising (graduate)
Freshman: A Discovery Course – Contemporary Issues in Advertising and Public Relations.
Student evaluation of teaching:
Listed in “An Incomplete List” of teachers rated highly by their students frequently since 1971. Honored as one of ten finalists in university-wide competition, 1977.
Winner of campus-wide teaching honors, 1997.


Books authored or co-authored:

William E. Berry, Sandra Braman, Clifford Christians, Thomas G. Guback, Steven J. Helle, Louis W. Liebovich, John C. Nerone and Kim B. Rotzoll, Last Rights: Revisiting Four Theories of the Press. University of Illinois Press: Urbana-Champaign, IL, 1995.
Kim B. Rotzoll, James E. Haefner, and Charles H. Sandage, Advertising in Contemporary Society: Perspectives Toward Understanding. Grid: Columbus, OH, 1976. English and Japanese editions. Second edition from South-Western Publishing, 1986. Third edition published in 1989. Fourth edition July, 1996, University of Illinois Press.
Charles H. Sandage, Vernon Fryburger, and Kim B. Rotzoll, Advertising Theory and Practice, 11th edition, Richard D. Irwin: Homewood, IL, 1983. (Major contributor). 12th edition from Longman published in 1989. Russian translation published in 1989.
Clifford G. Christians, Kim B. Rotzoll, Mark Fackler, Media Ethics: Cases in Moral Reasoning. Longman: New York, 1983. Second edition, 1986. Third edition, 1991. Fourth edition, 1995. Fifth edition, 1998, Sixth edition, 2001.
Books edited or co-edited:
Kim B. Rotzoll, Advertising and the Public, papers from the 2nd Sandage Symposium, University of Illinois, Department of Advertising, 1980.
Kim B. Rotzoll, Jarlath Graham, Barrows Mussey, (eds.) Is Advertising Worth Saving? by Howard Luck Gossage. University of Illinois Press: 1986.
Enlarger soft cover edition under the title, The Book of Gossage issued by the Copy Workshop, 1994.

Chapters in books:

Journal articles reprinted as book chapters:
Kim B. Rotzoll, A The Starch and Ted Bates Correlative Measures of Advertising Effectiveness, in Boyd and Newman’s Advertising Management: Selected Readings (Irwin).
Kim B. Rotzoll, A The Effect of Social Stratification on Market Behavior, in: Settel and Kleppner, Exploring Advertising (Prentice-Hall).
Gwinner and Smith, Cases and Readings in Sales Strategy (Appelton-Century-Crofts).
Britt, Consumer Behavior in Theory and Action (Wiley).
Lerner, Readings in the Business Organization and Management (Selected Academic Readings).
Bliss, Readings in the Behavioral Sciences and Marketing (Allyn and Bacon).
Cox, Marketing Management: Analytical Viewpoints (Prentice- Hall).
Boone, Management Perspectives in Advertising (Dickenson).

Invited book chapters:

Kim B. Rotzoll, Advertisements, invited chapter in Tewn A. vanDyk (ed.), Discourse in Communication, Berlin, 1985.
Kim B. Rotzoll, Advertising Creativity, in Dr. Charles Okibo (ed.) Advertising and Public Relations, University of Nigeria, 1990.
Kim B. Rotzoll, Howard Luck Gossage, in Edd Applegate (ed.) The Ad Men and Women: A Biographical Dictionary of Advertising, forthcoming.


Kim B. Rotzoll, Toward Environmental Demand Management, Institute of Environmental Studies, Research Report No. 2, UILU-IES 76 0002, University of Illinois, April, 1976.

Articles in journals:

Kim B. Rotzoll, The Starch and Ted Bates Correlative Measures of Advertising Effectiveness, Journal of Advertising Research, March 1964, pp. 22-24. (This article was cited in Martin Mayer’s The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Sales Measures of Advertising [Advertising Research Foundation, 1965] as the standard critique for measurements of this type.)
Kim B. Rotzoll, The Effect of Social Stratification on Market Behavior, Journal of Advertising Research, March, 1967, pp. 22-27.
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Herbert Rotfeld and Kim B. Rotzoll, Is Advertising Puffery Believed?, in Leigh & Martin (eds.), Current Issues and Research in Advertising, University of Michigan, Division of Research, Graduate School of Business Administration, 1981.
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Kim B. Rotzoll, The Captive Audience: The Troubled Odyssey of Cinema Advertising. Current Research in Film, Vol. 3, 1987. (Appearing as a chapter in Applegate et al., Advertising: Concepts, Strategies, and Issues, 1993.)

Book reviews:

Maurice Mandell, Advertising, 2nd ed., for Journalism Quarterly, Spring, 1976.
Robert Jones, The Business of Advertising, for Journal of Advertising, Summer, 1976.
International Advertising Association, Controversy Advertising, for Journalism Quarterly, 1978.
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Kim B. Rotzoll, Advertising and the Grave: A Case History, The Christian Century, June, 1974.
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Kim B. Rotzoll, numerous invited panel papers at American Academy of Advertising conventions, 1985-1992.
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Kim B. Rotzoll, Howard Gossage, in Edd Applegate, The Ad Men and Women, 1994.
Kim B. Rotzoll, Arts and Sciences Week, Chaos and Order: The Quest for Balance, 1996.

Areas of research:

The initial research into ethics was funded by a grant from the McCormick Foundation of Chicago. My fall, 1980 sabbatical was used to write my part of the book manuscript. I continue inquiry into the area.
My interests in advertising as a social and economic institution are long standing, and were expressed in my work on the legacy of practitioner/critic Howard Luck Gossage, in addition to my ongoing work on the text, Advertising in Contemporary Society.
My interest in advertising as a communication form stems from my training in social psychology, and is best expressed in a convention paper entitled, A A Powerful Perspective for Advertisement Analysis: Speculation on Sherif’s Frame of Reference Concept.
I was listed as a A major researcher who has done recent important work in the area of “The Social Value Dimension of Advertising” by the Centre for the Study of Communication and Culture, London, 1982, and have been cited by Eric Clark in the 1988, The Want Makers and by Charles Clark in A Advertising Under Attack, a 1991 edition of Congressional Quarterly Researcher.
Supervision of graduate research:
A number of masters committees.

Dissertations supervised:

Eric J. Zanot: The National Advertising Review Board: Precedents, Procedures, and Performance, May, 1977.
Herbert J. Rotfeld: Advertising Deception, Consumer Research and Puffery, October, 1978.
Abayomi Charles Daramola: The Role of Communication in Economic and Social Development in the Less Developed Countries with Particular Reference to Family Planning in Nigeria , October, 1982.
Ron Taylor: A Cultural History of Lawyers and Advertising, 1983.
Dennis Martin: Consumer Symbolicum: The Advertising Legacy of Pierre Martineau, 1984.
Julie Tresnak, Public Health and Commercial Advertising: A Historical Analysis, 1992.


Elected chairman of the editorial board of PROBE: A Journal of Sociology at Penn State.
Editor of American Academy of Advertising Proceedings, Summer, 1989.

Service :

Selected professional and public service.

Kansas State:

The Importance of Teaching. Invited speaker at the Celebration of Teaching Retreat. Included closing remarks, A Teaching and Research, at Kansas State University, August, 1995.

Penn State:

Papers on mass communication and mass audiences delivered at the Advanced Study Seminar for the Clergy of Pennsylvania at each of three annual meetings.
Papers on mass communication for the American Association of Machinists, and the Communication Workers of America.
A The Mass Media of America – New Directions. Invited paper at the Oral Persuasion Institute of the New York State University College at Oneonta, New York.
A A Philosophy of Advertising Education. Invited paper at Burson- Marsteller Incorporated, Pittsburgh, PA.


Ten-week course in, The Implications of Communication Theory for Christians, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, Champaign.
Addressed the Springfield (Illinois) Ad Club.
Talks on the economic context of the mass media: AAUW Media Study Group, Women in Communications Professional Chapter, The U. of I. Library Forum.
Talk on A Advertising, the Energy Crisis, and Resource Allocation, to Households Involved in Pollution Solutions.
Talk on advertising and society to high school class at Champaign Central.
Talk on A How to Write Publication Advertising, to Illinois State High School Press Association.
Talk on A Consumerism: Its Historical and Philosophical Basis, to general meeting of the American Association of University Women, C-U branch.
Leader, A Advertising Education, seminar at regional conference of the American Marketing Association.
Paper presentation, A Toward Environmental Demand Management, at Public Policy Symposium.
Invited address to Phi Kappa Phi initiation banquet.
Invited speaker on communication topics at American Montessori Society convention, Houston, TX.
Referee for Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journalism Educator.
Speech on A Professional Advertising, before Champaign County Medical Society.
Organized and chaired the first A Qualitative Studies, session for the American Academy of Advertising.
Newspaper reader for the Illinois Radio Reading Service for the Blind.
Judge for the Evangelical Press Association National Magazine Awards.
Speeches to various bank groups.
Speech to the Springfield (Missouri) Advertising Club.
Speech to Regional AAF conference in Topeka, Kansas.
Elected to Advertising Educational Foundation.
Invited delegate to International Advertising Association meeting, Evanston, Illinois.
Selected as Citizen Ambassador for People-to-People advertising team to visit People’s Republic of China in Fall, 1985.
Seminar leader for week-long Advertising Management program in Bahrain, 1987.
Judge in Matrix Awards for Women in Communications, Dallas, Texas.
First Donald W. Davis Address, Penn State School of Communications, 1988.
Coordinator of seminar for Multi-Ad Services, Peoria, Illinois, 1989.
Speaking tour of China, May, 1989 – four cities – funded by major Chinese advertising organizations.
Invited address on Advertising and Ethics for the Center for the Study of Ethics in Society, Western Michigan University, 1990.
Invited presentation for Professional Media Impressions Group, 1991.
Faculty of Gannett Seminar for Advertising Teachers, 1988-1994.
Chair of team member of numerous accrediting teams of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.
College of Communications, Commencement Address, 1991.
Panel participant for discussion: A The Transforming Power of Advertising, at the Sixteenth International Conference on Communication (Media Ethics), sponsored by the School of Communication of the University of Navarra ( Spain ), November 8 and 9, 2001.
Panel Moderator at the AAF Conference in Cleveland, A The Future of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs, Ohio, June 11, 2001.
2001 Advertising Education Summit, co-sponsored by the American Advertising Federation and the University of Texas, April 21, 2001 in Austin, Texas (participation by invitation only).

Administrative services:

Appointed chairman of the advertising major at Penn State.
Appointed to faculty of Institute of Communications Research at University of Illinois.
Appointed to advisory board of Survey Research Laboratory, University of Illinois.
Appointed as Communications Specialist to interdisciplinary group effort to promote services for Illinois Department of Aging.
Appointed to A Environmental Marketing Group, working with the Institute of Environmental Studies of the University of Illinois.
Selected for university-wide Council on Program Evaluation (COPE), Illinois.
Appointed Associate Dean of the College of Communications in 1980. Primary responsibility as chairman of the committee to oversee the college’s communication courses.
Supervised the James Webb Young Fund, with nearly $500,000 devoted to graduate education in advertising.
AAF Foundation’s Vance Stickel Board (Vance Stickel Internship Program)
Illinois Press Association Board Member

Professional Achievements:

Creator of one of the top A Top 100 Ads to Appear in Business Week in 1960.
Creator of documentary film awarded first place in the international
A Better Copy Contest, of the Public Utilities Advertising Association (PUAA).
Wrote and produced series of institutional radio commercials that were awarded first place in their category in the PUAA competition.
Appointed to Board of Directors of American Advertising Foundation and the National Advertising Review Board.


Who’s Who In America
Who’s Who in Advertising
Who’s Who in the Midwest
Who’s Who in Education
Named Advertising Educator of the Year by the American Advertising Federation, 1992.